Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sandakan Eats : The Best Coffee and Cheese Cake by Equator Coffee, Mile 4 【山打根吃】 起司蛋糕与咖啡风情

Sandakan, Sabah. 沙巴, 山打根。

It was a random thought before heading to Equator Coffee. :) Vincent, the owner of Equator Coffee is a blogger who tagged me at my Twitter account months before and once invited me to drop by his cafe if I happen to visit Sandakan. 

So and so, there we were sipping coffee and eating delicious cakes! The environment is cozy, with hint of vintage interior and more over friendly helpers. Greeted by friendly helper while Vincent was preparing coffee for customers.

- That's Vincent -

- Caramel Macchiato -

- Cappuccino -

Smooth coffee taste and we simply love the drinks that Equator Coffee serving. Being one of earliest cafe in town and which sustained until today truly remarkable and it is the recommended one when we visit Sandakan in the future. Mr. Hubs told me that he love Equator's coffees and we do miss it a lot!

Mr. Hubs even said that "HAIYA! Equator Coffee still the best!" (after tasting some of the cafes in KK after our visiting to Sandakan.)

 - Tiramisu -

It is the best in town! :D Hint of brandy was noted, but in actual taste, the alcohol tasted even more. To suit the local taste buds, Vincent's wife have to modify the recipe. :)

- Pumpkin Cheese Cake -

I love this! Creamy pumpkin cheese cake. Taste of pumpkin is something special for me to try. 

- Vincent and me -

Thank you for inviting me to your lovely cafe, glad to meet you in person that we could relate from blogging world. :) Do visit Vincent's Travel Blog at "Between Latte". A short story from details I know about Vincent, he was an accountant before he became a Barista and running his own cafe later. An avid traveler and planned trips annually while to keep all the memories, he wrote them in a blog. 

Glad to see another Sabahan blogger. :)

- Vincent's Helper -

 Vincent told me that she read my blog too! And I am very very surprised and invited her to take photo together. Taking photos with our own readers was not an ordinary matter tho. ;)

- Equator Coffee -

Glad to be at Equator Coffee and meeting new friends. :) It's a bliss to all of us!

Location :
Mile 4
(Waze directed us to Equator Coffee)

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  1. Thank you, Meitzeu! Very kind words which I most appreciate. Do come again someday.