Saturday, August 13, 2016

KK Eats : Nitrogen Ice Cream by Scoopee, Lintas

The fever of desserts will not end by only coffee houses and cake houses. In Kota Kinabalu, Ice Cream also will be another bonding place with friends and family.

Do you notice about the latest game of Pokemon Go, I did play and it was fun at the first few days. (haha :D) Well, every where I go, there's people playing it. Same goes to the day when we visited Scoopee since we were there collecting some PokeBalls around Lintas area.

- Ice Cream with Honey Comb -

The following will be the video of the nitrogen gas ice cream. I'm guessing the nitrogen was not used to make the ice cream, the gas appeared from the cup below the smaller one with ice cream.

- Ice Cream with Honey Comb -

- Ice Blended Coffee Latte -

 I love both of the ice cream and the coffee. As a preference, the ice cream will be a must try, although it is slightly expensive that the usual.

About the environment, it was superb! We totally love the cozy wood design with decorations in it.

Location :
Lintas Square
Opposite Lucky Bean

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