Monday, July 18, 2016

Sandakan : Local Hot Pastries by Gold Crown 【山打根吃】 金冠面包中西饼家

Sandakan, Sabah. 沙巴, 山打根。

If you read our previous foodie find out in Sandakan, this post will be the third breakfast we had on the second day. Luckily pastries were in small portion and sharing between two. 

- Pastries -

Gold Crown pastries were selling like hot cakes and there were so many people went there for take away before heading any places. Such an eye opener to see such in Sandakan town. Hot pastries simply is the magic to delicious breakfast and tea time.

- Salted Egg Pastry, Egg Tart and Chicken Cookie 咸蛋酥, 蛋挞 & 鸡仔饼 -

- Salted Egg Pastry 咸蛋酥 -

So good! Good food don't have to describe much especially hot pastries!

- The Menu -

- Century Egg Pastry 皮蛋酥 -

Century Egg pastry was my first trial at Sandakan. It was extraordinary and I didn't felt uneasy after having it. :) The ginger in it was well blended together.

- Kedai Kopi Gold Crown -

Returning to the coffee shop will be a must in future. Totally love the old coffee shop. It's a gem.

Location :
Tanah Merah.
The coffee shop can easily seen from the road side!


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