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Sandakan Eats : "Cow Dung" Ice Cream & Desserts by 7-Heaven, Mile 4

Sandakan, Sabah. 沙巴, 山打根。

Immediate after our dinner at Four Points, we went to the well known 7-Heaven Dessert Parlor for desserts. And guess what? :) I met few of my KK friends who also went to Sandakan for short trip. That's how we laugh when we met each other!

- 7-Heaven -

Located at Mile 4 of Sandakan, whereby the area is one of the favourite spot of the locals, especially the Chinese. And just to let you know, few good cafes and restaurant are there!

- Crepe and Ice Cream -

The ice cream we choose was Green Tea. About the taste, I think the taste of green tea is quite light, unlike the one we had from Crowd Nine which green tea tasted generously. 

- Waffle Ice Cream -

Basically, the flavour of the ice cream is chosen by the customer, not fixed. ;)

- Mango Yogurt Ice Cream -

I named it the "Cow Dung" Ice Cream. It's a must to have this if you happen to visit Sandakan. We heard so much about 7-Heaven and saw the above ice cream for quite sometime, thought that it's an ordinary ice cream flavour. Now that I knew.

Its a healthy ice cream for sure.

- The Station -

Crowded place for ice cream. Heard that the restaurant next door - 5 Fingers is also owned by the same owner and recommended as well, we shall try it during our next visit then.

Location :
Mile 4


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  1. Well write up and thanks for having us in your review. Hope to see you again soon. from 7-Heaven :)

    1. you are welcome. Certainly will visit 7 heaven again. :)