Saturday, July 23, 2016

Sandakan Eat : Pork Dim Sum at Sandakan Hotel 【山打根吃】 山打根酒店 - 点心记

Sandakan, Sabah. 沙巴, 山打根。

It is a norms that majority of the hotels now a days are serving halal/ serve no pork. Back to Sandakan foodie findout and it was also the fourth breakfast we had that morning, after pastries at Gold Crown. Oh gosh! Second day in Sandakan was scary and high cholesterol day, I was dizzy during night. *faint*

There we went and had breakfast with Mr. Hubs' relative at Palm Garden, Sandakan Hotel. One of the two or the only one hotel that serve pork Dim Sum. The restaurant was way crowded and the service unexpectedly very slow and they need to keep up with the crowd.

- Dim Sums -

Who doesn't love Dim Sum? We could see when there's Dim Sum in local shop areas, there will be crowd!

About the taste, portion is big or normal. There's a few tray that we never tasted before in KK. :)

- Hotel Sandakan -

One of the recommended one in Sandakan. If you have the time, just be there and wait! haha! Good food are meant to wait. To avoid crowds, you might opt to be there during non peak season.

Location :
Hotel Sandakan, Town area.