Friday, July 15, 2016

Sandakan Central Market : Bowl of Deep Fried Pork 1940 家传正宗炸肉大粉

Sandakan, Sabah 沙巴, 山打根。

Good morning, Sandakan! It was our second breakfast after a light breakfast at Four Point Sandakan. And there we were stepping in to the Central Market of Sandakan. :) 

Do you know that us from Kota Kinabalu are hardly seen having breakfast at our KK City market, only elder and foodies knew that we could find authentic taste of those days!

- Sandakan Central Market -

- Inside of the Central Market -

Vegetables market and meat market are located at the ground floor, while seafood wet market is located at the other end apart from the building where we went. First floor is local malay food and some groceries while second floor is CHINESE FOOD! Where there's Chinese, there's pork. It's just norms.

- Empty and Occupied Stall -

Guess some of the stalls has moved to a better spot at other places.

- The Original Homemade Kueh Teow with Deep-Fried Pork (Since 1940) -

The main purpose to visit Sandakan Central Market, deep fried pork in Sandakan is a must try! Indeed taste quite different in term of the taste and texture. I like to well marinated fried-pork. As for the noodle, we ordered the wrong one as homemade Kueh Teow is the highlight of them too. *tsk tsk*

- Deep Fried-Pork -

- Kon Lou Noodle with Deep Fried Pork -

Like what we sees here, something original to have here.

- A Walk at Town area -

It was still early and we went for a walk at the town area, very vintage look of buildings around town. And that's how Hong Kong looks like in the olden days.

Sandakan. It is recognised at small Hong Kong by us Sabahan. Fluent Cantonese by the locals there. 

Next - Third breakfast!

Location :
Sandakan Central Market


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