Friday, June 17, 2016

Sandakan Eats : The First Bite - Fish Ball & Noodles - Kedai Makan Kong Teck 【山打根食】 : 一级棒鱼丸 - 康德小食馆

Perhaps it was not the only one serving the best fish balls and noodles in town. Sandakan is well known for their good foods and guess what, they always says Sandakan people are quite fussy when it's comes to food!

The first stop - Uncle brought us to have our breakfast after fetching us from the airport earlier, our flight was 7.00am and we arrived Sandakan at 7.30am, it was much almost half hour early that expected. *Huge eye*

And we started our Sandakan food trail since then!
Everyone in Sandakan will inform each o ther by using Miles. Eg. Mile 4, 6, 7, 8 etc. Just their language and description of area and location.

Kedai Makan Kong Teck  康德小食馆 
located at Mile 7, Jalan Pak Tak. 七里


- Curry Laksa Fish Noodle 咖喱 汤底 -

Broth tasted tasty, spicy and creamy! Totally loves it and those "Yong Chap" (Vegetables stuffed with meats aka Hakka eateries) were totally incredible awesome! Hardly found such a plate that been served generously. :)

我们吃了康德的小食感觉味道真的很不错! 好比亚庇的一些Kopitiam真的不一样! 鱼丸有弹性的哦! 

很好吃的一家小食馆, 下次来山打根就必定来这家吃他们道地的味道。

- Normal Soup Base -

For those who opt for lighter taste, instead of spicy like what I had, you can choose your favourable Yong Chap to be served who our preferable soup!

Kong Teck do serve suppose to be one of the best in Sandakan. And they only operating five days in a week while Monday and Tuesday will be their rest day.

- Kedai Makan Kong Teck  康德小食馆  -

- Our choices -

If you happen to be here, remember to have their fish noodle (pure fish meat to be served like noodles)

I am so hungry to see images of good food now. :(

- Bean curd and Curry -

- Fish Noodles and Fish balls 鱼面及鱼丸 -

There's a feel of classic while I am having my breakfast, very vintage scene that can be seen now a days, it's like back to the past. 

Location :
Jalan Pak Tak, Mile 7. 七里
Only a row of shop, outside housing area. 只有那么一排店, 位于住宅区外。

Serve No Pork.


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