Monday, June 6, 2016

Lifestyle : A Day with Mandara Spa, The Magellan Sutera Resort @ Sutera Harbour

It was relaxing to have a massage session once in a while. It might be hurt for some massages as it depends on our requirement on their services offered. Before continuing with the comments on how was the massage, I am going to show you the surrounding in the following images.

- Mandara Spa, Magellan Sutera -

Located at the Level 1 of Magellen Sutera, facing by the open sky and sea. The view just superb and it is certainly extra credit when there's Sunset Yoga once in a while held by Mandara Spa.


- Mandara Spa -

" Featuring six single and six shared treatment rooms in a double storey facility, the Mandara Spa offers each guest an exceptional spa experience with treatments and traditional beauty recipes originating from Bali which capture the healing and nourishing essence of nature with only the finest and freshest, indigenous ingredients. " - Sutera Harbour

- Elimis Beauty Product -

Mandara Spa Kota Kinabalu carrying Elimis beauty product from United Kingdom that is quite mild to our skin, I have a set that I just started to use - Daily Cleansing Essential. Just to let you know it was Elimis promotion during the month of April 2016, with RM290.00, we can purchase the whole set, large bottle of facial foam, large bottle of toner, cleansing oil and flash palm. 

All of us know that a clean face and hydrated skin will let us looks many years younger!

- Elimis facial product -

- Relaxing waiting area -

- Mandara Spa -

And we went up to the spa room for massage session. ;)

A short tour at the spa, there are two types of room, which are single bed and double bed. Double bed would be nicer if there's a friend to tag along.

- The herbs and tea -

A glass of refreshing tea to freshen up before starting our session and a short explanation on the oil that they will apply on us.

- Double Bed -

A great view before and after the massage session. There's the sea when we look through those windows.

We choose Muscle Ease Massage which is more intense that suitable on athletes and tiring people like us. Although my masseuse was petite and slim, she is one that have strong energy to massage us with the correct pace and strength. Well done!

- The tub -

- Mandara Spa -

It was an interesting massage session with Mandara Spa, started with slightly pain and I was asleep towards the end. It is extremely relaxing. :) Service were great and they can be trusted as I left my gold necklace at visible place and it is still there after our massage.

Mandara Spa will be my recommendation for Balinese massages.

Location :
Level 1, The Magellan Sutera Resort, Sutera Harbour
Sembulan, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Facebook : Mandara Spa


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