Saturday, June 11, 2016

Sandakan : Four Points by Sheraton Sandakan (+ VLOG 中文视频 : 山打根 - 喜来登酒店)

#Sandakan 山打根 - Part 1 : @fourpointssandakan

Out of random thought and invitation, I bought my flight to Sandakan two months before. It was a great experience of foodie hunting around Sandakan town and outskirt of Sandakan. More over, we had so much of food in one day since breakfast until after dawn with additional of few landmarks as well. This is how we spend our short getaway and short honeymoon.

And such, it was one of the "milestone" that we break our record of having nine (9) meals a day. During the ninth meal, I felt a bit dizzy and it should be the seafood Bak Kut Teh that I had earlier. Oh my... To be advised, not to have so many foods in a day! :D  

From this trip, I have met a Sandakan blogger who found me via online months ago and just to let you know, he is an interesting yet generous person who I met! :) A little secret to share, I do have Sandakan readers too! I'm so flattered and able to meet them in person!

- View from Sheraton Sandakan -

Here goes with my first Sandakan exploration Part 1. It was sunset when we went to have a look at their infinity pool area. We got to see the city view sunset instead of sea view sunset as seen from Kota Kinabalu beach.

- Youtube : Meitzeu's Chanel VLOG 中文视频 : 山打根 喜来登酒店 -

The best part of traveling is to stay in a good hotel after a whole day of exploration. Four Points by Sheraton would be our choice whereby it is located at the center of town and waking up to the magnificent view of Sandakan bay. :) 

The scenery above is the view from 13th Floor, where The Eatery, the Infinity Pool located. It just WOW, the higher we go, we could see Sandakan town and the wide sea even clearer.

- The Room -

We stayed in 25th Floor and this is how our room looks like. :) For live view, do "PLAY" the video above! There's a short clip of what to expect from Sheraton Sandakan.

- The Room -

Spacious room and comfortable environment. We did went out for early walk as well, the safety is fine. However, we shall bear in mind that every where we must aware of the surrounding people. :) Army and police are in town doing their surveillance, so it is okay to walk around.

- The Pool area -

Four Points by Sheraton Sandakan has the best view of the town and island/ sea. To have a look, just "PLAY" the clip below. :) Facebook :

- The pool area at 13th Floor -

- Sandakan Town and White Sand Bay -

In fact, Sandakan town was great for nature and food. :) Somehow, I'm thinking of returning there in the future. To many eateries to explore and transportation is the key to every where!

Who would like to travel together?

- #followmeto Sandakan : The Infinity Pool of Four Points Sheraton Sandakan -

- Four Points by Sheraton Sandakan -

- The other side of Sandakan Town -

Instead of 90 degree view from hotel room, we could view almost 180 degree view of Sandakan town. :) This is where we could see from the lift area of 25th Floor. :)

- The Eatery 宜客乐 -

 Where we had our breakfast and dinner. 

Breakfast is international theme while Dinner will be Seafood Steamboat Buffet/ Set.

- Steamboat Seat for two -

Huge portion of seafood in a plate, we had all the fresh seafood there and "Shabu Shabu" too!

- Sunday Steamboat -

Soup selection of two - Spicy ad Non Spicy.

- Breakfast by the Sea View -

The Eatery have the view of surrounding islands. It was calm and relaxing to be able to stay at Four Points Sheraton.

- The Bread and Pastries Corner -

- Children Corner -

- Group area -

It is very considered that the hotel having such area for children and groups of people, hash group or a family and friends gathering.

- Best Brew -

Serving liquor, coffee and light eateries too. Additional live band at night it's perfect holiday.

- Wrapped -

Coffee House which located at the main entrance of Four Points Sheraton Sandakan. I love the Coffee House with those pastries and light meals, especially the coffee treat of e-ping! (Espresso Ping in real words)

- E-Ping -

The Chicken Sharwarma should be a grab, an interesting taste created only by the hotel coffee house. Three different sauce dipped with the homemade wraps, it's amazing. 

- The Couch -

Spacious couch area for guests. For waiting and coffee/tea session.

- View from 1st Floor -

It was an amazing stay with Four Points Sheraton and thank you. :) For them who opt for a road trip to Sandakan, it will not be a headache about parking issues, the hotel have the jokey service that totally safe and helpful.

That's all for the overview of the hotel. :)


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