Thursday, June 2, 2016

China : Bai Mo Cave & Bama Longevity Village 【中国游】 巴马村 : 长寿村 - 百魔洞 及 过百岁老人

China Part 7 - Guang Xi Region : BaMa Village
中国篇 7 - 广西 : 巴马村 (长寿之村)

It was a remote area far from NanNin 南宁. Having the highest level of ionizer that even the cancer patient could be cured, non the less, due to the same reason that the place is crowded year by year. 


- Part of the view of Bama -

- Welcoming Us -

- Our Room -

After 4 hours of journey from NanNing to BaMa Village. Finally, we settled down and  stay at the best hotel in BaMa, therefore everything inside the room seems clean and managed.

- BaMa Filtered Water -

Our tour guide took the initiative to purchase the processed water.

- The Stret of BaMa -

- 百魔洞 Bai Mo Cave -

The behind cave will be the one we explored on our first day in BaMa. The cave would be somewhere you can play with your imagination of seeing many of figures, from goddess, animals and even a scene of the under water world, it was amazing.

While seeing the cave, we also been explained that 瑶族 The Yao people still live above those hills, a small village only for them. To find for a living, they walk down to the cave to sell their crops. Pity and sad, but this is the life of the Yao.

- The Scenery -

- Outside the Cave -

The young and elderies just love to dance in China, every where in the town or city surely there are group of dancers.

The following are the amazing shots of the mother nature, do enjoy and imagine, let see how is your imagination going.

- The Yao child -

- My group of people from Malaysia and Brunei -

The secret of BaMa is you will not feel tired, as the whole place is discharging the negative energy in our body.

A walk in Bai Mo Cave is quite easy and relaxing. Some may say (people who smoke) that, it clear out their polluted lungs!

- Underwater World -

Completed our visit at Bai Mo Cave and we went to visit the elderies whom age is more than 100 years old. We even can ask for the secret of long lives. The secret will be eating light and green, drinking Ba Ma Village water.

- One of the Eldery -

- Random street capture in BaMa Village -

It was just before we headed to the old person home.

- The home -

The eldery also having side income by allowing people from outside visiting him, we even gave him some red packets with cash as a thank.

- The Adverts -

The old man and same goes to other elderies were invited to do a short video as an adverts, to let China know about BaMa.

In fact, I love BaMa Village. It is very quiet and calm place. The food still acceptable, there's a few dishes that only available in BaMa Village.

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