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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sandakan Fun & Eats : Sepilok - Lindung Sepilok & Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre 【山打根玩】

Sandakan, Sabah. 沙巴, 山打根。

It's been ages since the last I went to Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre. Basically, blurry memories that I once had since primary. So, we finally made the decision to have a visit to both rehabilitation centre and also Lindung Sepilok, which one of the reason to make me decide to visit Sandakan for short trip.

- Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre -

We were lucky and unlucky to see only few Orang Utan at the centre, while didn't realised that there's a unit that covered with glasses and separate visitors from the Orang Utans, whereby we can watch the Orang Utans play around under the guidance of the care taker. So, we missed to see those babies Orang Utans as well.
The following would be what I have experience during the visit at the outdoor. Once, there were plenty of Orang Utans will appear during feeding time, but now... we can't see many as the jungle is not a closed area, but an open jungle. Sepilok is just middle of the whole jungle.

- Orang Utans -

Ain't they beautiful? There's a baby hugging its mother which was on the right!

While we were walking back to the exit, there's a wild young Orang Utans which walk just besides us! Well, it was quite worrying as they might snatch our belonging or maybe a slap to your face? hahaha :D

- The Time Table and Entrance Fee -

Reasonable and luckily we are just in time for it!

- The Orang Utans behind -

Visitors and especially those who appreciate the nature are in love with our Sabah nature. Do love and care your surrounding, instead of developing too much, the wild needs a home, or else after couple of years, our future generation will not be able to see what we saw today. :) 

After the visiting, we went to Lindung Sepilok, which was the left building once exiting the Rehabilitation Centre's gate.

- Inside Lindung Sepilok -

I have received an email from Lindung Sepilok but in the end it doesn't have any reply anymore. About the details... nay... not going to share. Cut story short, I went there personally without notifying the person who contacted me, making myself not that rush with that prefixed time table. It's holiday anyway, right? 

When I was there, I did email the person, but she is not around. I also understand that traveling from one place to another in Sandakan will be time consuming. :) And me and Mr. Hubs grab a drink and back to town for food again!

- Lindung Sepilok -

It was an eye opener atmosphere and design that Lindung Sepilok have inside and when you look outside the window, there's a lake. I love the design with the blend of nature inside and out. It just worth to have a look if we happened to visit Sepilok. :) Just to let you know that walk further down, there's a cafe as well!

About the drinks that we had, it's quite normal though and there's more space to improve! Once improved and that would be a great place to be for food and nature!

Location :
Both located at Mile 14.
Both Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre and Lidung Sepilok located side by side.

Facebook :
Lindung Sepilok
Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sandakan Fun : The Buddhist Temples of Puu Jih Shih 普济寺 & Feng Shan Shi 凤山寺 【山打根玩】

Part 3 : Sandakan, Sabah 山打根

Immediate from our scrumptious breakfast, the first must visit that we went was Puu Jih Shih, a well known temple at the highest spot of Sandakan and placed at the mountain with the breathtaking panoramic view of Sandakan Bay and Town.  

Puu Jih Shih is approximately 2.5 Miles away (located at 5KM 五厘) away from town and you might think of renting a car in Sandakan, as it takes time to travel one place to another. We were lucky that we have relative who is kind to borrow us their vehicles to made us convenient to travel around and more food to explore!

- Puu Jih Shih 普济寺 -

We were definitely just in time to see the newly furnished Puu Jih Shih, building were uplifted as explained by Uncle. Gorgeous and clean.

- Puu Jih Shih 普济寺 -

- Puu Jih Shih 普济寺 -

- Puu Jih Shih 普济寺 -

The detailed sculpture and goddess.

- Puu Jih Shih 普济寺 - 

- Puu Jih Shih 普济寺 -


- Puu Jih Shih 普济寺 - 

Next visiting...

shall be the Hokkien Temple - Feng Shan Shi 凤山寺 that I never heard before, Uncle drove us there and temple just beautiful and mystery as always. We could smell the burnt joss stick that we believe the locals prayed for themselves and all.

- Feng Shan Shi 凤山寺 -

- Feng Shan Shi 凤山寺 -

- Feng Shan Shi 凤山寺 -

At Feng Shan Shi, we still can see the view of Sandakan bay, but slightly lesser. Anyway, the goddess sculptures are more than Puu Jih Shih if I'm not mistaken.

- Feng Shan Shi 凤山寺 -

- Feng Shan Shi 凤山寺 -

A bridge above the water. It was under service when we were there, can't see any Kois that day. :(

- Feng Shan Shi 凤山寺 -

These are the two temples that we have visited during our trip to Sandakan. 

That's all! Happy visiting to Sandakan! One of my mission was completed! ;)

Location :
Mile 5

Friday, June 17, 2016

Sandakan Eats : The First Bite - Fish Ball & Noodles - Kedai Makan Kong Teck 【山打根食】 : 一级棒鱼丸 - 康德小食馆

Perhaps it was not the only one serving the best fish balls and noodles in town. Sandakan is well known for their good foods and guess what, they always says Sandakan people are quite fussy when it's comes to food!

The first stop - Uncle brought us to have our breakfast after fetching us from the airport earlier, our flight was 7.00am and we arrived Sandakan at 7.30am, it was much almost half hour early that expected. *Huge eye*

And we started our Sandakan food trail since then!
Everyone in Sandakan will inform each o ther by using Miles. Eg. Mile 4, 6, 7, 8 etc. Just their language and description of area and location.

Kedai Makan Kong Teck  康德小食馆 
located at Mile 7, Jalan Pak Tak. 七里


- Curry Laksa Fish Noodle 咖喱 汤底 -

Broth tasted tasty, spicy and creamy! Totally loves it and those "Yong Chap" (Vegetables stuffed with meats aka Hakka eateries) were totally incredible awesome! Hardly found such a plate that been served generously. :)

我们吃了康德的小食感觉味道真的很不错! 好比亚庇的一些Kopitiam真的不一样! 鱼丸有弹性的哦! 

很好吃的一家小食馆, 下次来山打根就必定来这家吃他们道地的味道。

- Normal Soup Base -

For those who opt for lighter taste, instead of spicy like what I had, you can choose your favourable Yong Chap to be served who our preferable soup!

Kong Teck do serve suppose to be one of the best in Sandakan. And they only operating five days in a week while Monday and Tuesday will be their rest day.

- Kedai Makan Kong Teck  康德小食馆  -

- Our choices -

If you happen to be here, remember to have their fish noodle (pure fish meat to be served like noodles)

I am so hungry to see images of good food now. :(

- Bean curd and Curry -

- Fish Noodles and Fish balls 鱼面及鱼丸 -

There's a feel of classic while I am having my breakfast, very vintage scene that can be seen now a days, it's like back to the past. 

Location :
Jalan Pak Tak, Mile 7. 七里
Only a row of shop, outside housing area. 只有那么一排店, 位于住宅区外。

Serve No Pork.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Sandakan : Four Points by Sheraton Sandakan (+ VLOG 中文视频 : 山打根 - 喜来登酒店)

#Sandakan 山打根 - Part 1 : @fourpointssandakan

Out of random thought and invitation, I bought my flight to Sandakan two months before. It was a great experience of foodie hunting around Sandakan town and outskirt of Sandakan. More over, we had so much of food in one day since breakfast until after dawn with additional of few landmarks as well. This is how we spend our short getaway and short honeymoon.

And such, it was one of the "milestone" that we break our record of having nine (9) meals a day. During the ninth meal, I felt a bit dizzy and it should be the seafood Bak Kut Teh that I had earlier. Oh my... To be advised, not to have so many foods in a day! :D  

From this trip, I have met a Sandakan blogger who found me via online months ago and just to let you know, he is an interesting yet generous person who I met! :) A little secret to share, I do have Sandakan readers too! I'm so flattered and able to meet them in person!

- View from Sheraton Sandakan -

Here goes with my first Sandakan exploration Part 1. It was sunset when we went to have a look at their infinity pool area. We got to see the city view sunset instead of sea view sunset as seen from Kota Kinabalu beach.

- Youtube : Meitzeu's Chanel VLOG 中文视频 : 山打根 喜来登酒店 -

The best part of traveling is to stay in a good hotel after a whole day of exploration. Four Points by Sheraton would be our choice whereby it is located at the center of town and waking up to the magnificent view of Sandakan bay. :) 

The scenery above is the view from 13th Floor, where The Eatery, the Infinity Pool located. It just WOW, the higher we go, we could see Sandakan town and the wide sea even clearer.

- The Room -

We stayed in 25th Floor and this is how our room looks like. :) For live view, do "PLAY" the video above! There's a short clip of what to expect from Sheraton Sandakan.

- The Room -

Spacious room and comfortable environment. We did went out for early walk as well, the safety is fine. However, we shall bear in mind that every where we must aware of the surrounding people. :) Army and police are in town doing their surveillance, so it is okay to walk around.

- The Pool area -

Four Points by Sheraton Sandakan has the best view of the town and island/ sea. To have a look, just "PLAY" the clip below. :) Facebook :

- The pool area at 13th Floor -

- Sandakan Town and White Sand Bay -

In fact, Sandakan town was great for nature and food. :) Somehow, I'm thinking of returning there in the future. To many eateries to explore and transportation is the key to every where!

Who would like to travel together?

- #followmeto Sandakan : The Infinity Pool of Four Points Sheraton Sandakan -

- Four Points by Sheraton Sandakan -

- The other side of Sandakan Town -

Instead of 90 degree view from hotel room, we could view almost 180 degree view of Sandakan town. :) This is where we could see from the lift area of 25th Floor. :)

- The Eatery 宜客乐 -

 Where we had our breakfast and dinner. 

Breakfast is international theme while Dinner will be Seafood Steamboat Buffet/ Set.

- Steamboat Seat for two -

Huge portion of seafood in a plate, we had all the fresh seafood there and "Shabu Shabu" too!

- Sunday Steamboat -

Soup selection of two - Spicy ad Non Spicy.

- Breakfast by the Sea View -

The Eatery have the view of surrounding islands. It was calm and relaxing to be able to stay at Four Points Sheraton.

- The Bread and Pastries Corner -

- Children Corner -

- Group area -

It is very considered that the hotel having such area for children and groups of people, hash group or a family and friends gathering.

- Best Brew -

Serving liquor, coffee and light eateries too. Additional live band at night it's perfect holiday.

- Wrapped -

Coffee House which located at the main entrance of Four Points Sheraton Sandakan. I love the Coffee House with those pastries and light meals, especially the coffee treat of e-ping! (Espresso Ping in real words)

- E-Ping -

The Chicken Sharwarma should be a grab, an interesting taste created only by the hotel coffee house. Three different sauce dipped with the homemade wraps, it's amazing. 

- The Couch -

Spacious couch area for guests. For waiting and coffee/tea session.

- View from 1st Floor -

It was an amazing stay with Four Points Sheraton and thank you. :) For them who opt for a road trip to Sandakan, it will not be a headache about parking issues, the hotel have the jokey service that totally safe and helpful.

That's all for the overview of the hotel. :)