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Today's Recipe : Sino Steam Fish (Inspired by Teo Chew Steam Fish) 【小诗私房菜】 西诺蒸鱼 (潮州蒸鱼 )

It's been a while since the last I have shared my home cook recipe!

This week I have tried something different for a change. As usual, in the end created something different. In fact, I wanted to cook Teo Chew Steam Fish but in the end, lacking of salted plum and add on with a bit of twist, the amateur chef came out with Sino Steam Fish as such I have named.

Sino Steam Fish (inspired by Teo Chew Steam Fish)

看到了咸菜, 我也乘机煮潮州蒸鱼!是我也进化成了西诺蒸鱼, 没鱼露, 没水酸梅。 哈哈! 


- Into the Steamer 蒸炉中 -

- The ingredients 材料 -

- The mixture (Sauce and ingredients) 炒过的材料 -

The original Teo Chew Fish was modified and came out with my own preference. :) Do enjoy! The following recipe is a guide that I have search online and modified according to the portion that I prefer.

- 800g One whole fish (Replaced with Slices Fish)
- 1 stalk spring onion, cut into 3cm length
- 1 Japanese Tofu, cut into pieces OR 1 Cube of Tofu, cut into 4 pieces

- 1 tbsp Oil

- ½ tbsp. chopped garlic
- 1 tbsp shredded ginger (Sliced thinly)
- 2 stalk mushrooms, soak, stems removed, sliced thinly
- 1-2 medium tomato, cut to 4 wedges (or more)
- 100g salted vegetables, clean and sliced thinly (Adjust with own preference)
- 2 salted plums (Replaced with Plum Sauce)
- 1 red chili sliced (optional) 

-1 tbsp light soy sauce
- ½ tbsp fish sauce (Replaced with Oyster Sauce)
- 1 tbsp ShaoXing wine/Cooking rice wine
- 2 tsp sugar (Adjust with own preference)
- 8 tbsp water (Adjust with own preference)
- dash of pepper

1.       Heat up 1 tbsp oil and sauté chopped garlic until fragrant.
2.       Add in sliced ginger, mushroom and stir well.
3.       Continue adding in remaining B ingredients, seasoning and bring to boil, dish up.
4.       Clean and cut three slits on the fish. Arrange fish on steaming tray, place tofu on the plate.
5.       Pour over with the (3) mixture and spring onion.
6.       Steam at high heat for 8 minutes or until cooked (test with fork)
7.       Remove and serve hot 

鱼,约800g 1
青葱段/ 1
豆腐 1

蒜茸 ½ 大匙
冬菇,切丝 2
姜丝 1大匙
蕃茄 1
100g 红辣椒,切丝
水酸梅 2 (酸梅酱取代)

生抽 1大匙
鱼露 ½大匙(蚝油取代)
绍兴酒 1大匙
胡椒粉 少许



Feel free to comment! Appreciate with your kind words and it does make my days brighter!

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