Friday, May 27, 2016

Sabah Eats - Kinarut : Homemade Cheese by Langkah Syabas 【沙巴食】 自家做的Cheese (中文视频)

Kinarut, Sabah. 沙巴。

Sunny day and let's us go to the beach! Erm.. Sort of. ;)

Here we are with a very short foodie vlog (Chinese speaking) for the first time after Foodie Blogger TV show. Will be doing once in a while to build up those confidence in front of the camera. haha :D

好吧!那就拔起了背包就走吧! 路程大约15 至20 分钟, 我们就到了位于Kinarut 的 Langkah Syabas. 我们坐 在面海的餐厅, 喝着那杯果汁, 真的好想时间停留一阵子好让我们歇一歇。 真的真的觉得好累哦!

那天到了Langkah Syabas 也做了一件事! 提醒了自己记得录一项短片然后播上视频。 你们有眼福了!在此我也不说了, 好让你们听听这家Cheese 的特色, 来自英国的外国老板。

- Our Choice -

Drove away from town and finally a quiet place for two of us along the breezy beach. This is life that is not necessary in reality for some, just laid back and enjoy those times being away from busy.

- Video for the day #VLOG -

It was a random decision that pop out from my head and just do it I must say! :) Do enjoy the  very short video above!

- Kinarut -

Langkah Syabas is located along the beach and it is not an extraordinary place for some wedding couple to have their wedding reception here. :) Once I took their package, despite of the hot weather and elderies from our list, it turn me off and search for the best we could for everyone. Aw~ I miss our wedding somehow. :)

- Lime Juice -

A refreshing drinks that I always go for. Its really the best drink for hot day.

- Cheese with biscuits -
I love to have homemade food, especially supporting local production for most. I love both of the cheese served - Brie and Camembert. Both having different taste which Brie is slightly bitter while Camembert is not. Which one i love the most? I love Brie!

- Club Sandwich -

A very normal Club Sandwich that served by Langkah Syabas. I was wrong and I should have ordered the toast bread instead.

Location :

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