Tuesday, May 10, 2016

KK Eats : Damai - Joe Sun, the New Cafe in Town! 【亚庇食】 达迈 - 早晨!

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. 沙巴, 亚庇。

Most of us are interested to find out about the Chicken with Waffle when it goes viral among us in Kota Kinabalu.

Same goes to me, I like to eat waffles. :) Last Sunday, out of a sudden and since it's public holiday on Monday, we went for a glorious breakfast on that Sunday. It out to be..... (cough cough)

今日介绍人人都想品尝的 Joe Sun 松饼鸡肉片。

- Chicken and Waffle -

Large portion for one person. Both of us ordered two meals, Chicken and Waffle was one of it and Egg Benedict as well.

Add on with  salted eggyolk sauce and vegetables. I like the combination, but frankly speaking, the waffle was soggy. To the extend that made us unhappy with the taste, too "wet" when we had it. They might consider to change the flour they are using now. The outer layer taste nicer which was bits of crunchiness.

- With the air plant -

It is rare to see me tying my hair while taking close up photos. ;) Yea~~ You are lucky to see me here!

 - With the air plant -

It was fake! Just an advise, they might think of long term cleanliness that fake plant will bring lots of dust! Need to clean those once in a while. And certainly I like the clean and simple design of their cafe.

- Egg Benedict left, Chicken and Waffle right -

简单来说, 也许那天是我的第一次, 也是我的最后一次赏试这家咖啡厅美食。 他家松饼让我伤心哦~ 为了松饼还有那盘夸张鸡肉片, 我也到此一试。 :)  

如果他们有进步了, 告诉我! 我会再去品尝一下。

- Egg Benedict -

Egg Benedict, vegetables, sauce, soggy waffle and dried fish flakes. Egg was just nice, waffle was soggy.  :( Joe Sun must improve the waffle!!

- Long Black and Flat White -

Joe Sun serving coffee that taste more to sour. Not a typical coffee that I like. :) Just a personal preference, don't worry. For health conscious customers, Joe Sun serving tea and pressed juice too!

他家咖啡是偏向酸的味道, 我是不爱喝酸的咖啡啦! 这也是个人喜好而已。 ;)  中而言之, 每个人都有不一样的经验还有味觉, 这家咖啡厅你也可以来试一试。 价格方面还ok, 都是大同小异哦!

Location 位于 :
Damai Plaza.
Opposite Glory Church. 圣堂对面。


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