Wednesday, May 25, 2016

KK Eats : Ah Chee Tom Yum 【沙巴食】 亚庇 : 阿志冬炎

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. 沙巴, 亚庇。

So, the famous Seng Hing Tom Yum stall has moved to a shop in town. It was blocks away from the previous one and finally have the chance to try out!

终于找到了我想吃的冬炎! 这家档口现在也拥有了自己的店面。 不错哦!

- Tom Yum 冬炎 -

It was great to have good Tom Yum after spotted Ah Chee at his new shop!

吃到对的冬炎真的心满意足! 终于可以吃到曾经在成兴那碗美味冬炎。

 Tom Yum 冬炎 -

Fresh seafood would be preferable to all of us. Combined with the taste of spicy broth and milk, it was slurping goodness.

新鲜的虾是我的首选。 与香喷喷的辣味冬炎也是我们最喜爱的!

- Laksa 拉沙 -

Besides Tom Yum, Ah Chee have added a few more dishes. We tried their Laksa, eventually ingredients were fresh, however, the Laksa taste was flat, nothing to praise in fact. And that's one of the dish that they have to improve, I still love the taste by Yee Fung Laksa. :)

除了冬炎以外, 阿志还加入了几样美食。 我们吃过了他家的拉沙, 可是味道不怎么样。 有点淡, 汤底还不入味呢。 也是还很新, 汤底还没变成陈年老味。

- Ah Chee Tom Yum 阿志冬炎 -

Location :
Few shop away from Wiya Chicken Rice Shop.


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