Monday, April 18, 2016

Masks by Mediheal. Where LINE friends Exist! 可爱蚕丝面膜!

Medical Healing Mask for Your Skin.


I always love to apply mask before my beauty sleep, it is the fastest way to hydrate our skin from losing its moisture. It sooth our skin and brighten our complexion after application!

好让皮肤感觉 doink doink 的女生们就要多注意肌肤的保湿步骤咯。 有保湿的肌肤会让一个人看的年轻许多! 哈哈! 我本人喜欢敷上面膜然后好好睡一觉, 近期内试用了Mediheal 的蚕丝面膜感觉蛮不错的。

- Mediheal Line Friends N.M.F. Aquaring Ampoule Mask -

Had a few of Mediheal masks, glad to say that I'm feeling refreshed after the mask and before goes to bed. The best time to apply a mask is before sleep, where our whole body can relax.

The new series of Mediheal has collaborate with LINE Friends, which Korean are fancy about. Do you know that Korea have LINE Friends series and cafe? Interesting right? 

Here you go, meeting with Brown, Cony and Sally! Having them on our face masks just too cute to be true!

来自韩国的配方以及制作当然不可少。 谁不知韩国的美容这一行列真的很不错, 好的肌肤的确是每个女生的梦想。

Mediheal 推出了 Line Friends 系列蚕丝面膜已经吸引了好多年轻女孩, 在想我也是其中之一吧! 以下是我试用他家的蚕丝面膜。 :)

- Mediheal Line Friends I.P.I. Lightmax Ampoule Mask -

- Fine sheet -

With nutrition of a bottle serum to skin.


- Thin Sheet -

No feeling of uncomfortable while applying the mask, it just thin and feeling light.

敷上了面膜, 感觉凉凉的。 透气的质感也没让我感觉不适。 使用过了面膜, 别忘了按摩一阵子再用清水洗一洗脸。 这样就不会感觉黏黏啦! 使用后感觉黏黏的, 也代表了Mediheal 真是采用精华液, 让我们消费值得。 

- The Excess -

Many brands with masks will give us excess of serum in the packet of mask, non the less, Mediheal as well. We could apply to our hand and even foot, just like lotion. Win Win situation.

多余的精华液别忘了还可以擦擦手脚, 这也是别浪费对皮肤好的养分。

- Maystar Sticker -

To certified that the product is genuine, remember to look for the shiny sticker.

当我们在购买Mediheal 面膜, 别忘了检查是否面膜包装上有Maystar 贴纸, 如果有, 这代表面膜是正版进口产品。

- Mediheal Masks -

Do check out with "meitzeu" when you purchase from Maystar website and you will entitled for 20% off! Selective Korean beauty products can be found here, non the less 3CE as well. :) All of them are direct imported from Korea!

我的面膜是 Maystar 所赞助的, 好的产品当然我会介绍哦! ;)  别忘了 Check Out 时, 输入 “meitzeu” 后就可享受八折待遇!

Website : Maystar
Facebook : Maystar MY
Instagram : @maystarmy


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