Thursday, April 7, 2016

KK : Our Honeymoon Suite at The Pacific Sutera 【沙巴游】 亚庇 : 我们的酒店蜜夜!

It was a very very short staycation in town and at one of the well known hotel in KK City. If you could remember, we had our wedding banquet at The Pacific Sutera, and that's the hotel complimentary stay for us. Finally we have to time to relax ourselves. :)

两天一夜的酒店密夜的确很短哦~ 但最重要的是我们有稍微休息一些, 抛开工作的去休息休息。

- Pacific Lounge at 11th Floor -

It was not that frequent we have the chance to be in Pacific Lounge. So, we went there to have a look before we decide our schedule.

我们到了酒店第十一楼的 Pacific Lounge 走走看看, 也喝了杯果汁。景色好壮观呢!

- The Swan 爱情海 - 

A welcome note at the table and lovely decorated bed and even the washroom. Comfy bed that I would not want to get out of bed after having my sleep!

桌上的酒店感言以及房间布置的好体贴哦! 床睡的蛮舒服, 好想赖着它!

- The View Outside - 

The outdoor from our suite room, indeed a calm view of Kota Kinabalu. We had a long walk after settle down with our necessaries.

这就是我们房外的景色, 面向大海!蓝蓝天空, 蓝蓝海洋! 沙巴真的很美呀!

- Pacific Lounge at 11th Floor -

Pacific Lounge is a private lounge for only special guests. No wonder the place was quiet and me and Mr. Hubs went there for drink before we end our day. The view from 11th Floor just magnificent, sad to say that the haze just spoil a little of the sunset view. :( 

Pacific Lounge 只让特别人客而设定的, 幸运的我们也倒此看一看。

- Petals Bath Tubs -

I was excited when I saw the bath tubs was decorated with petals, and I love flowers! 

洗手间也布置了一些, 看到了花瓣让我蛮兴奋的玩了一阵子哦~

- Instagram Wife in action -

My turn to be the photographer. 我是他的专属摄影师。

- Beside the Beach -

After a long walk, we had a sit along the beach at Pacific Sutera, sorry to say that their beach is a bit small, just few families and the whole beach will be packed.

与Mr. Hubs 散散步, 到了它们的小海滩享受了太阳浴, 好让Mr. Hubs 黑了一些! 哈哈!

- Enjoying the Sunset -

- The Sunset -

- The Sunset -

- Pacific Lounge -

Our night before sleep. We went for a drink at their Pacific Lounge, just the two of us. :)

我们俩那天晚上的娱乐, 好宁静的夜晚。

- Good morning! 早! -

Ohayo! We went to Cafe Boleh for breakfast and continue with a short walk for some outdoor photographs session!

我们到了Cafe Boleh 享受早餐, 人山人海的香港。

- M. S. Columbus -

I told Mr. Hubs that we must take photos with MS Columbus, it was where we had our pre-wedding shots!

Okay, that all for our honeymoon tour! ;) Have a good day!

我说一定要到这里拍照, 这就是去年我们拍结婚照的场景。

好啦! 就这样一个短短的解释我们的Honeymoon Suite!


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