Saturday, April 16, 2016

KK : Go Local with Ang King Lam Coffee Shop 【沙巴食】 亚庇

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. 沙巴, 亚庇。

It was my first taste at Ang King Lam Coffee Shop. Morning breakfast in Kota Kinabalu will be can't avoid from noodles, what ever noodles that you might think off.

And during one fine Sunday, where we wanted to try some where new for breakfast, we went to downtown and had our bowl of noodle from one of the oldest Hainanese kopitiam in town. Well, you know that Hainanese in the olden days will be running coffee shop businesses. :)

近来看到了朋友们推荐这家本地茶店干捞面, 看似很美味也一直保留着经典的味道。 这次我也到了这家茶店吃早餐, 亚庇/ 沙巴的早晨是少不了面与汤哦! 

茶店的历史蛮久了, 也是早年的海南人来到了南洋时代创业所坚持的一家茶店。 别问我, 档子历史有那么就吗, 我也不知道啦! 如果我知, 必定分享给你们。 哈哈哈!

- Black Coffee, Kon Lou Noodle, Soup and Chinese Pastry -

Mon said that she love the TauSa Cake, therefore Mr. Hubby bought a few loaf (price was cheap) for the family. Talk about the green noodle we had, I totally loves it! The fried minced meat, especially the curry leaves fried with shallot was a WOW! Something different to taste in town! I am happy with what I have tasted, not much oil to stir the noddles. Corn soup was sweet and black coffee just my cup of coffee (instead of tea!).

妈妈说她喜欢这家的古早味豆沙糕点, Dan 先生也买了一些回家。 我们也吃了点, 糕点当让要与咖啡配搭咯! 手工菠菜面味道好好哦! 我喜欢, 也不油腻。 炸小葱与咖喱叶味道很特别, 下一回一定叫一碗来吃!

- The One Man Show's Kon Lou Mee -

In KK and even other Chinese coffee shop will be serving similar name with various ingredients to be add in to suit our taste, those just Mr. Hubby's choice.

一个人的档口老板。 Dan 先生所配搭的配料, 沙巴很多时候早餐都是名称一样, 但配料可以随意。 不懂要什么的, 就Mix 一下!

- Black Coffee and TauSa Cake 糕点与咖啡 -

It was nice to be in town and tasted the local food, moreover I saw the person that once bully me during my primary school time. Those days just I'm too stupid to be bullied.

来到了这家茶店, 仿佛小时候无知与爸爸妈妈到外吃东西似的。

- The Old Couple Stall -

First, I was wondering which one of the two stall that serve the famous Kon Lou Noodle where introduced by many. Wala! I present you this plate of Kon Lou Mee! It is the old couple which the husband originally from West Malaysia.

Thumbs up on the springy noodle, but I'm not favouring the oily based of the Kon Lou noodle. Can you see the oily plate.

终于品尝到了那碟著名干捞面了! 黑黑的, 油滋滋, 但面条真的不错。 也许我不爱吃太油腻吧,  我还是觉得菠菜面比较适合我的口味。

-  Kon Lou Mee -

It was a nice breakfast downtown the other day. :) I will be back for the coffee shop Kon Lou Mee! Good recommendation for local Chinese food. Reasonable priced!

亚庇的早晨就是很这样啦! Ang King Lam Coffee Shop 值得推荐! 市区最大的 round-about 就看到它了! :)

Location 位于 :
2nd Floor, Jalan Haji Yaakub, Kampung Air, 
88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
(Opposite Hup Seng building or next to 999 Bar)


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