Wednesday, April 27, 2016

China : Yang Shuo/ GuiLin - Bamboo Rafting, Sight Seeing & Bullet Train 【中国游】 阳朔/桂林 : 竹筏、 鱼鹰、 大榕树、 观看世外桃源与子弹头火车

China Part 6 - Guang Xi Region :Yang Shuo - Gui Lin
中国篇 6 - 广西 : 阳朔 - 桂林 

Our trip was quite relax, as more eldery in our group of people. We went sight seeing and had a short walk to the nearest places. 

Here we went for bamboo rafting, watching the nature habitat of Sea Eagle catching fishes and see the oldest oak tree.

一般上中国可以有个很舒服的旅途, 只在于朋友还有适合的旅行伴侣。 我们的旅程很舒服, 那次也没走很多。 因为有位年长的婆婆是与我们旅行。

- Rafting 竹筏 -

The rafting man even offered me to have a try for rafting us. Gosh! It was not easy! We need to be fast and be extra careful when we trying to do that!

没想到师傅竟然邀请我来挑竹筏的工作。 告诉你! 不! 简!单!

- 世外桃源 Shi Wai Tao Yuan -

One the same day, we went to "Shi Wai Tao Yuan", a place where we can learn about the culture of China, some of them are quite similar to ours here in Malaysia, can't say that our ancestor were not came from China right?

要了解一些到底的传统, 我们可以到世外桃源看一看。

- One of the culture in China 其中的传统 -

Wearing their costume and had a dance when we passes by.

就在河边的小屋,当我们靠近时, 他们也跳了舞。

- Clear water as seen 水是清澈的 - 

- Handmade Item 手工艺品 -

The hundreds surname. Could you spot yours?


- Waiting for the next train 南宁 Go! -

GuiLin trip ended and off we go to the next destination with China's bullet train! First class! Not to show off, but first class not very expensive even, spacious seats that we are comfortable with.

桂林, 阳朔终于完成了! 下一站就后会有期!

- GuiLin Train Station -

- Bullet Train 子弹头火车 -

- Our Complimentary -

- Feeling blessed -

- The face of tired -

Finally reached Nanning! The place where many people being cheated with. 

终于到达南宁了! 好累的一天, 但开心

That's all for today!


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