Saturday, April 2, 2016

China : Yang Shuo/ Gui Lin - Impression of Liu San Jie 【中国游】 阳朔/ 桂林 - 印象刘三姐

China Part 5 - Guang Xi Region : Gui Lin - Yang Shuo
中国篇 5 - 广西 : 桂林 - 阳朔

Firstly, ask yourself how could you manage an excellent show with hundreds of actor and actress. Every one will be the person who run the show, to sell the tickets and to welcome us at the entrance and others. Wait till you impressed with the chirography and the lighting of the outdoor show.

I shall stop here and let you enjoy what we watched that night! Enjoy!

百人的印象刘三姐真的让人目不转睛, 一切以张艺谋导演的技术好让我们有个美好的传说中的刘三姐故事。 好漂亮的景色, 灯光, 等等。 一生人该到中国欣赏导演所编的表演。

好了, 就让你们欣赏那晚我们所观赏的演出。 

I told you it was amazing and my jaw almost drop. The lighting, the setting and so on were incredible. People flying too!

表演不错吧!:) 好啦! 就到此。 我的头今晚好疼, 好疼。。。


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