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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

China : Yang Shuo/ GuiLin - Bamboo Rafting, Sight Seeing & Bullet Train 【中国游】 阳朔/桂林 : 竹筏、 鱼鹰、 大榕树、 观看世外桃源与子弹头火车

China Part 6 - Guang Xi Region :Yang Shuo - Gui Lin
中国篇 6 - 广西 : 阳朔 - 桂林 

Our trip was quite relax, as more eldery in our group of people. We went sight seeing and had a short walk to the nearest places. 

Here we went for bamboo rafting, watching the nature habitat of Sea Eagle catching fishes and see the oldest oak tree.

一般上中国可以有个很舒服的旅途, 只在于朋友还有适合的旅行伴侣。 我们的旅程很舒服, 那次也没走很多。 因为有位年长的婆婆是与我们旅行。

- Rafting 竹筏 -

The rafting man even offered me to have a try for rafting us. Gosh! It was not easy! We need to be fast and be extra careful when we trying to do that!

没想到师傅竟然邀请我来挑竹筏的工作。 告诉你! 不! 简!单!

- 世外桃源 Shi Wai Tao Yuan -

One the same day, we went to "Shi Wai Tao Yuan", a place where we can learn about the culture of China, some of them are quite similar to ours here in Malaysia, can't say that our ancestor were not came from China right?

要了解一些到底的传统, 我们可以到世外桃源看一看。

- One of the culture in China 其中的传统 -

Wearing their costume and had a dance when we passes by.

就在河边的小屋,当我们靠近时, 他们也跳了舞。

- Clear water as seen 水是清澈的 - 

- Handmade Item 手工艺品 -

The hundreds surname. Could you spot yours?


- Waiting for the next train 南宁 Go! -

GuiLin trip ended and off we go to the next destination with China's bullet train! First class! Not to show off, but first class not very expensive even, spacious seats that we are comfortable with.

桂林, 阳朔终于完成了! 下一站就后会有期!

- GuiLin Train Station -

- Bullet Train 子弹头火车 -

- Our Complimentary -

- Feeling blessed -

- The face of tired -

Finally reached Nanning! The place where many people being cheated with. 

终于到达南宁了! 好累的一天, 但开心

That's all for today!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Masks by Mediheal. Where LINE friends Exist! 可爱蚕丝面膜!

Medical Healing Mask for Your Skin.


I always love to apply mask before my beauty sleep, it is the fastest way to hydrate our skin from losing its moisture. It sooth our skin and brighten our complexion after application!

好让皮肤感觉 doink doink 的女生们就要多注意肌肤的保湿步骤咯。 有保湿的肌肤会让一个人看的年轻许多! 哈哈! 我本人喜欢敷上面膜然后好好睡一觉, 近期内试用了Mediheal 的蚕丝面膜感觉蛮不错的。

- Mediheal Line Friends N.M.F. Aquaring Ampoule Mask -

Had a few of Mediheal masks, glad to say that I'm feeling refreshed after the mask and before goes to bed. The best time to apply a mask is before sleep, where our whole body can relax.

The new series of Mediheal has collaborate with LINE Friends, which Korean are fancy about. Do you know that Korea have LINE Friends series and cafe? Interesting right? 

Here you go, meeting with Brown, Cony and Sally! Having them on our face masks just too cute to be true!

来自韩国的配方以及制作当然不可少。 谁不知韩国的美容这一行列真的很不错, 好的肌肤的确是每个女生的梦想。

Mediheal 推出了 Line Friends 系列蚕丝面膜已经吸引了好多年轻女孩, 在想我也是其中之一吧! 以下是我试用他家的蚕丝面膜。 :)

- Mediheal Line Friends I.P.I. Lightmax Ampoule Mask -

- Fine sheet -

With nutrition of a bottle serum to skin.


- Thin Sheet -

No feeling of uncomfortable while applying the mask, it just thin and feeling light.

敷上了面膜, 感觉凉凉的。 透气的质感也没让我感觉不适。 使用过了面膜, 别忘了按摩一阵子再用清水洗一洗脸。 这样就不会感觉黏黏啦! 使用后感觉黏黏的, 也代表了Mediheal 真是采用精华液, 让我们消费值得。 

- The Excess -

Many brands with masks will give us excess of serum in the packet of mask, non the less, Mediheal as well. We could apply to our hand and even foot, just like lotion. Win Win situation.

多余的精华液别忘了还可以擦擦手脚, 这也是别浪费对皮肤好的养分。

- Maystar Sticker -

To certified that the product is genuine, remember to look for the shiny sticker.

当我们在购买Mediheal 面膜, 别忘了检查是否面膜包装上有Maystar 贴纸, 如果有, 这代表面膜是正版进口产品。

- Mediheal Masks -

Do check out with "meitzeu" when you purchase from Maystar website and you will entitled for 20% off! Selective Korean beauty products can be found here, non the less 3CE as well. :) All of them are direct imported from Korea!

我的面膜是 Maystar 所赞助的, 好的产品当然我会介绍哦! ;)  别忘了 Check Out 时, 输入 “meitzeu” 后就可享受八折待遇!

Website : Maystar
Facebook : Maystar MY
Instagram : @maystarmy

Saturday, April 16, 2016

KK : Go Local with Ang King Lam Coffee Shop 【沙巴食】 亚庇

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. 沙巴, 亚庇。

It was my first taste at Ang King Lam Coffee Shop. Morning breakfast in Kota Kinabalu will be can't avoid from noodles, what ever noodles that you might think off.

And during one fine Sunday, where we wanted to try some where new for breakfast, we went to downtown and had our bowl of noodle from one of the oldest Hainanese kopitiam in town. Well, you know that Hainanese in the olden days will be running coffee shop businesses. :)

近来看到了朋友们推荐这家本地茶店干捞面, 看似很美味也一直保留着经典的味道。 这次我也到了这家茶店吃早餐, 亚庇/ 沙巴的早晨是少不了面与汤哦! 

茶店的历史蛮久了, 也是早年的海南人来到了南洋时代创业所坚持的一家茶店。 别问我, 档子历史有那么就吗, 我也不知道啦! 如果我知, 必定分享给你们。 哈哈哈!

- Black Coffee, Kon Lou Noodle, Soup and Chinese Pastry -

Mon said that she love the TauSa Cake, therefore Mr. Hubby bought a few loaf (price was cheap) for the family. Talk about the green noodle we had, I totally loves it! The fried minced meat, especially the curry leaves fried with shallot was a WOW! Something different to taste in town! I am happy with what I have tasted, not much oil to stir the noddles. Corn soup was sweet and black coffee just my cup of coffee (instead of tea!).

妈妈说她喜欢这家的古早味豆沙糕点, Dan 先生也买了一些回家。 我们也吃了点, 糕点当让要与咖啡配搭咯! 手工菠菜面味道好好哦! 我喜欢, 也不油腻。 炸小葱与咖喱叶味道很特别, 下一回一定叫一碗来吃!

- The One Man Show's Kon Lou Mee -

In KK and even other Chinese coffee shop will be serving similar name with various ingredients to be add in to suit our taste, those just Mr. Hubby's choice.

一个人的档口老板。 Dan 先生所配搭的配料, 沙巴很多时候早餐都是名称一样, 但配料可以随意。 不懂要什么的, 就Mix 一下!

- Black Coffee and TauSa Cake 糕点与咖啡 -

It was nice to be in town and tasted the local food, moreover I saw the person that once bully me during my primary school time. Those days just I'm too stupid to be bullied.

来到了这家茶店, 仿佛小时候无知与爸爸妈妈到外吃东西似的。

- The Old Couple Stall -

First, I was wondering which one of the two stall that serve the famous Kon Lou Noodle where introduced by many. Wala! I present you this plate of Kon Lou Mee! It is the old couple which the husband originally from West Malaysia.

Thumbs up on the springy noodle, but I'm not favouring the oily based of the Kon Lou noodle. Can you see the oily plate.

终于品尝到了那碟著名干捞面了! 黑黑的, 油滋滋, 但面条真的不错。 也许我不爱吃太油腻吧,  我还是觉得菠菜面比较适合我的口味。

-  Kon Lou Mee -

It was a nice breakfast downtown the other day. :) I will be back for the coffee shop Kon Lou Mee! Good recommendation for local Chinese food. Reasonable priced!

亚庇的早晨就是很这样啦! Ang King Lam Coffee Shop 值得推荐! 市区最大的 round-about 就看到它了! :)

Location 位于 :
2nd Floor, Jalan Haji Yaakub, Kampung Air, 
88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
(Opposite Hup Seng building or next to 999 Bar)

Thursday, April 7, 2016

KK : Our Honeymoon Suite at The Pacific Sutera 【沙巴游】 亚庇 : 我们的酒店蜜夜!

It was a very very short staycation in town and at one of the well known hotel in KK City. If you could remember, we had our wedding banquet at The Pacific Sutera, and that's the hotel complimentary stay for us. Finally we have to time to relax ourselves. :)

两天一夜的酒店密夜的确很短哦~ 但最重要的是我们有稍微休息一些, 抛开工作的去休息休息。

- Pacific Lounge at 11th Floor -

It was not that frequent we have the chance to be in Pacific Lounge. So, we went there to have a look before we decide our schedule.

我们到了酒店第十一楼的 Pacific Lounge 走走看看, 也喝了杯果汁。景色好壮观呢!

- The Swan 爱情海 - 

A welcome note at the table and lovely decorated bed and even the washroom. Comfy bed that I would not want to get out of bed after having my sleep!

桌上的酒店感言以及房间布置的好体贴哦! 床睡的蛮舒服, 好想赖着它!

- The View Outside - 

The outdoor from our suite room, indeed a calm view of Kota Kinabalu. We had a long walk after settle down with our necessaries.

这就是我们房外的景色, 面向大海!蓝蓝天空, 蓝蓝海洋! 沙巴真的很美呀!

- Pacific Lounge at 11th Floor -

Pacific Lounge is a private lounge for only special guests. No wonder the place was quiet and me and Mr. Hubs went there for drink before we end our day. The view from 11th Floor just magnificent, sad to say that the haze just spoil a little of the sunset view. :( 

Pacific Lounge 只让特别人客而设定的, 幸运的我们也倒此看一看。

- Petals Bath Tubs -

I was excited when I saw the bath tubs was decorated with petals, and I love flowers! 

洗手间也布置了一些, 看到了花瓣让我蛮兴奋的玩了一阵子哦~

- Instagram Wife in action -

My turn to be the photographer. 我是他的专属摄影师。

- Beside the Beach -

After a long walk, we had a sit along the beach at Pacific Sutera, sorry to say that their beach is a bit small, just few families and the whole beach will be packed.

与Mr. Hubs 散散步, 到了它们的小海滩享受了太阳浴, 好让Mr. Hubs 黑了一些! 哈哈!

- Enjoying the Sunset -

- The Sunset -

- The Sunset -

- Pacific Lounge -

Our night before sleep. We went for a drink at their Pacific Lounge, just the two of us. :)

我们俩那天晚上的娱乐, 好宁静的夜晚。

- Good morning! 早! -

Ohayo! We went to Cafe Boleh for breakfast and continue with a short walk for some outdoor photographs session!

我们到了Cafe Boleh 享受早餐, 人山人海的香港。

- M. S. Columbus -

I told Mr. Hubs that we must take photos with MS Columbus, it was where we had our pre-wedding shots!

Okay, that all for our honeymoon tour! ;) Have a good day!

我说一定要到这里拍照, 这就是去年我们拍结婚照的场景。

好啦! 就这样一个短短的解释我们的Honeymoon Suite!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

China : Yang Shuo/ Gui Lin - Impression of Liu San Jie 【中国游】 阳朔/ 桂林 - 印象刘三姐

China Part 5 - Guang Xi Region : Gui Lin - Yang Shuo
中国篇 5 - 广西 : 桂林 - 阳朔

Firstly, ask yourself how could you manage an excellent show with hundreds of actor and actress. Every one will be the person who run the show, to sell the tickets and to welcome us at the entrance and others. Wait till you impressed with the chirography and the lighting of the outdoor show.

I shall stop here and let you enjoy what we watched that night! Enjoy!

百人的印象刘三姐真的让人目不转睛, 一切以张艺谋导演的技术好让我们有个美好的传说中的刘三姐故事。 好漂亮的景色, 灯光, 等等。 一生人该到中国欣赏导演所编的表演。

好了, 就让你们欣赏那晚我们所观赏的演出。 

I told you it was amazing and my jaw almost drop. The lighting, the setting and so on were incredible. People flying too!

表演不错吧!:) 好啦! 就到此。 我的头今晚好疼, 好疼。。。