Tuesday, March 29, 2016

KK : When East (Dumpling) Meet West (Coffee) by Dumpling Cafe 【沙巴食】 亚庇 : 饺子咖啡馆 Lintas

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. 沙巴, 亚庇。
Non Halal.

Just by the look of the presentation, their dumplings simply eye catching. The first impression when I knew there's a cafe highlighting their coffee and Shantung (China) dumplings were an odd combination. No matter what, it was quite surprising that people like us might want to try out the cafe.

第一次试了这家饺子咖啡馆, 光听它的招牌是有点怪怪的。 问自己咖啡与饺子怎么配呢? 好吧! 我们乘午餐时间就去试一试!

- Kon Lou Noodle 干捞面 -

Although the noodle was oily, however, I love the noodle texture which is springy and just nice. :) Non the less, the taste of Char Siew was savory and the oil layer of it was just nice as well, not over done with it.

试了他们家的咖啡, 干捞面, 饺子还有煎包。 味道是有的, 但平均都蛮油腻的。 也许现在已经改良了他们的美食配料了。我们到这家餐馆也有一段时间(刚开始营业的两个星期内), 也许不再像之前了吧。

- Tenom Coffee 丹南咖啡 -

- Iced Black Coffee 冷黑咖啡 -

- Pork Dumplings 猪肉饺子 -

- Fried Dumpling 生煎包 -

Saw the oil bursting from inside out! While having the fried bun, remember to dip the vinegar with ginger slices! Without them, the fried bun will taste oily and that's how the Chinese eat!

煎包内的汁令人怀念呀! 记得要搭配酱料以免太油腻的感觉。

- Fried Dumpling 生煎包 -

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