Friday, March 18, 2016

KK : That Tuaran Mee just opposite S.M. All Saints (Da Fatt Xing) 【沙巴食】 亚庇 Likas 的斗亚兰面 (大发兴)!

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. 沙巴, 亚庇。

Raise your hand if you are Ex- All Saints! 

Da Fatt Xing 大发兴 is the coffee shop in Likas which may of us, the school leavers familiar with.

It was located just opposite the main entrance of All Saints School. All Saints school reminds me quite a lot of memories and perhaps many of us, the school leavers will flash back a bit of how naughty were us. Those days.

位于里卡士的大发兴曾经是陪我们一起成长的一家茶店, 老板娘的确还记得我哦! 虽然只是一份笑容, 那也是我们开心的欢迎那些熟悉的脸孔。我是曾经就读All Saint 的, 妈妈曾在那儿附近做生意的, 所以在里卡士也逗留很久了。

- Tuaran Mee 斗亚兰面 -

Some of them said it has one of the best Tuaran Mee in town. As for me, the taste was a bit flat when we were there for breakfast after so many years. And YES, they were once claimed having the best Tuaran Mee.

Tuaran Mee was originated from Tuaran. And the owner of Da Fatt Xing was from Tuaran and came to KK to run his coffee shop many years ago. I think the shop was there more 20 years ago.

被列为其中一家著名斗亚兰面的一家茶店, 但对我而言, 那句也只是曾经。曾经真的很好吃, 我也很喜欢他家足够火候的滑蛋河。 如果没记错的话, 这家已经营业的超过20 年了。

- All Saints School 中学校 -

Our school that has been changed a lot since we left. 现在的学校不像以前的我们读书时简单, 没要求的环境念书。

- Wa Tan Ho 滑蛋河 -

- That's me and my plate -

Sometimes not because of the taste that we are seeking for, it is simply the environment and the norms of ours to be there. :)

有时不是因为食物的味道而到这儿, 人嘛。。。 会想回到熟悉的地方吃吃饭, 回想学生时代咯! 

That's all for today! 今天到此了! 


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