Saturday, March 5, 2016

KK Cafe : Crepes & Coffee by De Vie Deli 【沙巴吃】 咖啡与千层糕 Pavilion Bundusan

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah 沙巴, 亚庇。

It was one of the cafe that I would rather be. :)


- Crepe 千层糕 -

It was Saturday evening when there's no where to go and since I'm alone while waiting for the hubs to finish his job. If you spotted me in around that area, don't mind to say Hi! 

Spotted De Vie Deli and went in to have a cuppa with slice of crepe. I love to have crew once in a while. :)
星期六, 除了喝茶减压, 还可以做些什么呢? 如果有一天您看到我在咖啡屋附近, 别奇怪哦! 来打个招呼吧!嘻嘻 :)

- Orange coffee and crepe -

Sweet, sour, bitter combination of coffee, a bit weird, however, it has interesting taste.

有点酸酸, 甜甜 还有咖啡味的一杯。 有点怪, 可是蛮特别的, 值得一试。

- They Interior 室内装潢 -

Simple and clean design, just like other cafes under the name "De Vie". We just need to choose our favourite crepe from the fridge and beverage from the menu and pay for the bill! Not only those crepes they are offering, they do have other desserts too! And each "De Vie" have their specialty as well. Check them out!

舒服, 简单利落的装潢也是近来很受欢迎的。 好吧! 每家 “De Vie” 咖啡屋都有他们的独特甜点, 你们也该去看看吧!

Location位于 :
Lintas Plaza, Metro Town and Pavilion Bundusan

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