Wednesday, March 23, 2016

China : Yang Shuo - West Street (Pedestrian Street) 【中国游】 阳朔 - 西街步行街

China Part 4 - Guang Xi Region : Gui Lin - Yang Shuo
中国篇 4 - 广西 : 桂林 - 阳朔

An interesting yet beautiful city of Yang Shuo. Stepping out from the long hours of ferry ride along GuiLin River, the air seems fresh at Yang Shuo. Such a calm and quiet destination to visit. 

Embarked at the jetty and we walked along the pedestrian area - West Street! So beautiful and it is similar street as Jiu Fen, Taipei, Taiwan! Interesting souvenirs can be found, as for street food, not recommended. We had doughnut and it smells OILY! 

Here you are, from my eye I see these. :)

阳朔/ 桂林的确是拥有漂亮风景也称为中国美景之一。 乘了好久的船, 我们也到达了下一个目的地 - 阳朔。 我们步行到酒店, 也乘着时走马看花! 下一个节目就是晚上, 我们观看了“刘三姐”露天剧场, 百人表演也让我们大开眼界。

以下是在我眼里看到的情景, 事件。 :)

- View from bridge 桥上的景色 -

- Food Street 美食街 -

- Food Street 美食街 -

The Ending Point of West Street 西街步行街终点 -

- The beginning of West Street 西街步行街开始 -

- The beginning of West Street 西街步行街开始 -

- Street Performer 街头艺人 -

- Little Cafe 咖啡屋 -

The moment I saw "illy", I wanted to try them and thought that the cafe would serve something good, but turned out, the donut was oily and mom was nagging me letting my dad eat the donut. Crap. (-_-)

一家让我失望的咖啡屋。 还以为可以吃到一些我喜欢的食物。 (叹气) 甜甜圈有一股油味, 我还被妈妈骂!

- Spot the highlight 寻找亮点 -

- Night view from our Hotel 酒店外的夜景 -

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