Wednesday, February 17, 2016

KK Eats : LOOK! That's NOOK CAFE! 【沙巴吃】 亚庇咖啡馆

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. 亚庇, 沙巴。

It was a very fine day when we decided to visit the recently opened NOOK Cafe.

Located at one of the oldest street in Kota Kinabalu which was once known as Australian Place.

我们到了一家近期內人人都在讨论的 NOOK CAFE 歇一歇。 这家咖啡馆位于亚庇市的其中之一旧街。

- Cappuccino 卡普奇诺 -

- Cappuccino 卡普奇诺 -

Without sugar added to my cup of coffee, the taste was just nice, unlike those which was sour or bitter. For the preferred taste for different individual, some may like it to be tasted fruity, sour and even bitter. 

我还可以接受他们家没加糖的卡普奇诺。 不会苦也不会有股很难吞下的滋味。

- Menu 菜单 -

I like the concept of the cafe, whereby having lesser selection with all the recommended dishes made us easier to decide.

很简单的一家咖啡馆, 没很多的选择好让我们很快的做选择。 哈哈!

- Waffle 松饼 -

The highlight will be on the waffle! Crunchy on the outside, dip with the fresh cream (Gosh! Fattening) and ice cream, very good combination. But, just ignore the portion of the fresh cream. I couldn't bear to have it all.

松饼的口感很不错, 与奶油还有冰淇淋的加入 - 绝配。 多种彩色的水果, 好让女孩爱上美丽甜品。

- 咖啡馆 Cafe -

That's one cafe in town. 很舒服的一家咖啡馆哦!

Location :
Australian Place
Same row as Print Cafe.


  1. Ohmy. Why I couldn't find this kind of Café when i'm back in KK? The waffle looks pretty enticing though! Pheww

    1. LOL! Maybe we shall catch up when you are back in KK! haha!