Saturday, February 20, 2016

Guide to Cafes in Kota Kinabalu 寻找亚庇咖啡屋 (V.1)

Kota Kinabalu is flooded with cafes lately, and this write up will sum up most of the cafes I preferred and new ones in town! There are a list of 18 cafes here for us to visit.

The list is not according to rating from the best one till the lesser one, it is just a write up for all of us to know where to search for the nearest cafes in town!

亚庇市越来越多的咖啡屋营业了, 这也让我们伤脑筋还有哪些值得一试。在此, 以下的18家咖啡屋可以让我们参考。

- Nook Cafe, Australian Place (Gaya Street) -

Review : Nook Cafe

- October Coffee House, The Peak and Australian Place (Gaya Street) -

- Inch Coffee, Perdana Park, Tanjung Aru -

Review : Inch Coffee

- Caffe Bene, Imago Mall KK Times Square -

Review : Caffe Bene Korean Desserts and Coffee.

- Cafe De Vie/ De Vie Deli, Metro Town, Bundusan Pavilion and Lintas Plaza -

Review : Cafe De Vie

- Omma's Oven, Lintas Plaza -

Review : Omma's Oven

- The Little Kitchen, Taman Cantek, Lido -

- Coffee Lab by FID, Taman Soon Kiong, Bukit Padang -

Review : Coffee Lab

- The B Side, Lido Plaza -

Review : The B Side

- Breadboss Bakery Cafe, Dah Yeh -

- Biru Biru Cafe, Australian Place (Gaya Street) -

Review : Biru-Biru Cafe

- Socialize Cafe, Metro Town -

Review : Socialize Cafe

- Pregio Cafe, Metro Town -

Review : Pregio Cafe

- Print Cafe, Australian Place (Gaya Street) and Karamunsing Mall -

Facebook : Print Cafe

- Teddy 'N' Me, Lido Plaza -

Facebook : Teddy 'N' Me

- Relax Coffee Cafe, Menggatal -

Facebook : Relax Coffee Cafe

New cafe in town.

- Haus Cafe, 88 Marketplace -

Facebook : Haus Cafe

New cafe in town.

- Adelphi & Co., Damai -

Facebook : Adelphi & Co.

From what I heard, Waffles will be a good selection there, even my followers from my Facebook page recommended me to go and have a try!



  1. Gotta stay there a week to sample all ☺

  2. I actually plan to summarise all the cafes I went and blog about it too but oh dear, too lazy to do so :P

  3. 这个很有用。我可以每家咖啡店去试啦,谢了!

  4. Do not forget about Nunpat as well :)

  5. Volume 2 of this article coming out soon :D ?
    We have travelled all the cafe in KK last year 2016. Gotta do this again in next year ;)

    Check out all the cafe photos here

  6. Time to go cafehopping again! miss those chill out time..