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China 【中国游】GuiLin - Yang Shuo : River Cruise 桂林 - 阳朔 : 游船记

China Part 3 - Guang Xi Region : Gui Lin - Yang Shuo
中国篇 3 - 广西 : 桂林 - 阳朔

The scenery are always seems so beautiful in China. :) Our friends recommended us that we must go and have a look at GuiLin via GuiLin river cruise and embark at Yang Shuo, where we will be going to watch the famous outdoor with hundreds of actors and actresses - Liu Shan Jie “印象刘三姐” by Producer Zhang Yi Mou 张艺谋导演.

中国一直都那么的美。 别说卫生问题, 它们的大自然的确是数一, 数二的。 来到了桂林, 就该看看桂林风景, 他们说桂林著名的就是它的风景呀~ 我们乘着游船从桂林市游到了阳朔, 在阳朔也过了一晚。 那晚我们观赏了“刘三姐”, 好壮观哦!

- River Cruise. Gui Lin - Yang Shuo. 游船 : 桂林 - 阳朔 -

All the images shown here are the scenery of what we saw during the river cruise. The beginning was fun because it was a starting, but hours and hours at the cruise and waiting to embark at the next destination - Yang Shuo was quite boring. Not that I'm discourage you to go for river cruise, but just treat it as a relaxing trip and take a nap if you want to!
在此, 所有照片是我所见, 所闻的游船风景。 一些很道地的生活习惯也可以看到的。 虽然游船有一点时间太长, 搞得有点的闷, 但是风景真的很不错, 值得推荐的一项旅游细节。

- Handmade Boat 漂流 -

- 本地生活习惯 Local Lifestyle -

- The Cruise 游船 -

The cruise that we went for, inclusive of a meal (not that inviting), bring some light snacks so you won't end up upset.

我们的传也是那样的! 包挂了午餐, 没那么开胃的午餐, 有点失望。 所以说, 记得带一些小吃上船, 以免失望哦!

-The Note 人民币 -

From the 20 yuan we have, the mountains were captured here in Gui Lin, and where I'm standing the other day. :)

很开心可以亲眼看见这一幕, 这就是二十元的背面拥有的风景啦! 

- Yang Shuo 阳朔 -

Finally we arrive at Yang Shuo!


- Sea Eagle (Osprey) 鱼鹰 -

Had the chance to take photo with Sea Eagle! It was heavy though!

好重的鱼鹰! 想拍,就拍吧!


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