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KK【沙巴玩】 Let's Go Bowling in KK! #MyBowlKK 一起打保龄球!

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. 亚庇, 沙巴。

There's a new bowling center in Kota Kinabalu! How long that you didn't go for bowling? ;)

As for me, it has been ages since the last visit to bowling center and non the less, the recent bowling days' out was hilarious and great to be gathered with my friends along!

曾经是一个喜欢打保龄球的我终于有个好介绍了! 新加入亚庇的保龄场令人目不转睛, 装潢也很时尚, 舒服。 很适合青年与老人家的一场会所。

- My Bowl -

Recently, there was a new bowling center in town namely "My Bowl" located at the well known One Borneo Hypermall. It was our first visit to My Bowl and frankly speaking, the environment does look awesome as it seen. It was trendy and huge amusement center for young ones and elderly.

- Size 6 -

The bowling shoe look so adorable! It feels like going back to school again! I have forgotten to bring my socks along, luckily MyBowlKK do sell socks with an affordable (cheap) price.

他家的保龄鞋超可爱的! 让人有种像小学生的感觉。 哈哈!

- Our Station -

I like their friendly services that they will assist us when we need help. Nine of us were ready for our promised challenge and we had lots of fun laughing at each others.

与朋友们打保龄球时间也过的真快, 嘻嘻哈哈开个玩笑。糟糕的我, 成绩超差的。失望。

- Our Games -

Sigh... My result was quite disappointing and luckily towards the end, my skill getting better than the beginning. Overall, I love the concept and the environment, it was comfortable and bowling is a relaxing sport to catch up with people. :)

- My Bowl -
爱玩记 : 约朋友打保龄球! 我有优惠劵, 留下留言以及分享这篇公告, 你就可以免费打保龄球!The day when we went for bowling! #mybowlkk An awesome spot for hang out during free time! Date a friend and go!I have vouchers to be given away! Comment and share, you will have 2 games for free! Note : While vouchers last!
Posted by on Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Good to know that they are having in house tournament every month and for further information, do contact them or simply go to the counter to register yourself! I know there's a lot of good bowlers out there! I saw it myself when I was there!

这家保龄场在每个月都有举办一次的比赛, 好让我们都可以去展现保龄威力!对他家比赛有兴趣者, 赶快到 My Bowl 报名吧! 还有, 注意每个星期或每个月都有排小礼物哦! 你是那个幸运儿吗? 

Here's the rate at My Bowl for this year (2016) and good to know that they have STUDENT RATE as well (My Bowl 的价格表):-

@ RM6.00 per game  +  RM3.00 per pair shoe rental
Friday                         6pm - Closing                                                                          
Saturday                     Full Day
Sunday                       Opening - 6pm 

(Not applicable during public holiday)
Early Bird Special
@ RM2.00 per game +  RM2.00 per pair shoe rental
Monday - Friday        Opening - 1pm     
@ RM3.50 per game (RM2.00 for age under 18)  +  RM2.00 per pair shoe rental
Monday - Friday        Full Day             
Saturday - Sunday     Opening - 1pm 

@ RM5.00 per game  + RM3.00 per pair shoe rental
Monday - Friday        1pm - 6pm         
Monday - Thursday   6pm till closing 
Sunday                       After 6pm

For Night Bowlers
@ RM10.00  for 3 games per person  +  RM2.00 per pair shoe rental                  
Monday - Thursday   After 9.30pm     
p/s : Rate may subject to changes by the management.

p/s : There's a weekly/ monthly giveaway too! Are you the lucky one!?

Location 位于 :
Unit S-309, 2nd Floor, 1 Borneo Hypermall, Jalan UMS,
88450 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Contact 联络号码 :

Facebook 面子书 : My Bowl KK

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  1. The pricing quite cheap leh. I thought it would be like rm10 per game