Monday, January 25, 2016

KK【沙巴吃】 : Korea's No 1 BBQ Chicken Restaurant NOW in Kota Kinabalu!

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. 亚庇, 沙巴。

More than 1,000 of outlets were opened in Korea and now, it has becomes the first (No. 1) franchise brand in Korea.

In Malaysia, a total of 16 outlets was opened, and good news for us in Kota Kinabalu that, there are two BBQ Chicken Restaurant outlets available namely, Suria Sabah and Imago Mall. 

来自韩国的第一品牌连锁店! 如果你喜欢炸鸡的, 可以考虑来这里试试他们家各种各样的辣子鸡。

- BBQ Chicken - 

People has been wondering about BBQ Chicken Restaurant in town. Just like them, I was the same as well, thought that "BBQ" was short form of "Barbecue", in fact, it represent Best of the Best Quality.

他们家有着各种美食,浓汤类, 韩国泡菜等等。 一间含有创意的连锁概念, 也为了要配合当地的口味, 他们也有研究部门好让这家连锁店可以持久。

- The Interior of BBQ Chicken Restaurant -

Instead of a commercial type of design, they opt for a cozy environment for friends and family or a simply dine in for business purpose. There were guests who celebrate their birthday there as well. :)

舒服的室内设计, 让客人感觉温馨。

- Sous Vide Chicken Salad - 

I would recommend their Sous Vide Chicken Salad to those who would like to eat clean and light. The special sauce they used as topping was something different. Portion was huge! It was my first to taste Vegetable salad with orange.

以下是我们的晚餐! 好丰富吧!

- Kimchi Deopbap - 

A quick dining meal that I would have ordered. All in one bowl and add one with a glass of beverage. 

Kimchi, rice and meat.

很简单, 又方便的选择。蔬菜与肉类都在碗里。

- Golden Olive Fried Chicken -

Look just the same as the one that we all of us knew. Crispy at the outside, juicy inside.

炸鸡好像那个出名的牌子。 试了还不错, 肉也不会干。

- Top : Combo 3 (Paris [Non Spicy] and Kanjang [Spicy]) and Bottom : Gangjeong Chicken -

I love Gangjeong Chicken, simply that it was spicy with hints of peanuts topping. A recommended dish for spicy lovers.

我喜欢 Gangjeong Chicken, 可是比较辣, 适合爱吃辣的朋友们。 有着花生粉的 Gangjeong Chicken 令它有种独特的味道。

- Top : Kimchijeon and Bottom : Pane Mushroom Soup -

My favourite Mushroom Soup! Bread was crunchy and nicely brownish baked. Mushroom was finely blended and this made such a filling mushroom soup. Tasty.

Did I told you that the menu in Malaysia by BBQ Chicken was localised to suit the local taste? A research group was professionally gathered just to maximize the customers satisfaction. Go and try!

那是我喜欢的蘑菇浓汤! 好喝哦! 面包也脆脆的。各种各样鸡肉选择, 好奇的朋友们可以来这家看看哦!

Outlets :
Imago Mall, KK Times Square
Suria Sabah

An advertorial it is.


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