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Thailand Guide : Bangkok (V.1) - 5D/4N 【泰国】 曼谷游 : 五天四夜

Our VLOG on Bangkok (V.1) - Chinese Episode 

It wasn't enough for us to explore Bangkok for only 5 days, 4 nights during December last year. So many things to see and non the less, I love the food there! Planning to go there again and flight was bought sometime middle of this month!

Well, I have compiled herewith the list of destinations I went and it might be useful for a first timer as well. :)

- Go LOCAL -

Learn a few simple Thai language, it might help when you felt lost. We stay at Legacy Express which the nearest to Phloen Chit BTS Sky Train Route, with the Sky Train service, our trip would be so easy to plan! 

Touched down Bangkok at Don Mueng airport, that's our FIRST NIGHT. From airport to our hotel might took a short while due to the congested traffic, the first night dinner was went to the local open food court located next to our hotel for Thai dinner. Preparation was quite clean and portion was enough for everyone, their food did not messed up our tummy. 

There are a list of food and beverages that I wanted to taste, but only few that I could. Tried Thai Coca Cola in Thailand. :) Had their famous Pad Thai,  a local delicacy also known as fried noodle in local languange. Tom Yum et cetera...

- Explore Nearby -


During December and it's the King Birthday on the 5th December, majority Thai citizen will wear yellow, as Yellow is the favourite colour of their King and the street will be walking with yellow attires and decorated with yellow for the whole month.

Instead of waiting the time to pass, we woke up earlier to explore the nearby/ local lifestyle near to our hotel. Local food stalls selling interesting and delicious local delicacies that we can't resist. We did saw monks as well, where the local did their offering to the monks and the monks blessed them in return.

- BTS Sky Train Route -

Bangkok is easy to visit and did I tell you that Bangkok is quite safe as well? Price are reasonable, and it is also that we went to the correct place and meet the correct person. Non matter the place is safe, we need to be aware as well.

- Four Faced Buddha -

We went to the Buddha which located at the crossroad, the one that exploded sometime last year. Felt like magic when we were there. We did pray and if we happened to promise the Buddha that we will give our offering in return when the wishes is granted, kid you not! KEEP YOUR WORDS to visit the Buddha soon.

Location : Lumphini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand.

- Local Street Delicacy -

Interesting street food that we had when we were walking to Platinum Mall from the other side. 

Dad couldn't resist FOOD. HAHA!

- Platinum Fashion Mall -

There are many that says Platinum Mall is a MUST GO spot for fashion lovers and those who might thinking of purchasing in BULK. There are few blocks of buildings for shopping at one shot, as for us, too many things to see and that's made us stop continuing.

I bought two pieces of tops, souvenirs and few pairs of fashion earrings. Earrings are cheap and pretty! 

We also went to their food court at 6th Floor, which many recommended us that there are varieties of delicious menu available.

- Siam Square  : Siam Centre, Siam Paragon -

Siam Square (Thai: สยามสแควร์) is a shopping and entertainment area in the Siam District of Bangkok, Thailand. The area connects to other shopping centres and links to the other shopping districts by sky bridge, such as Siam Center/Siam Discovery Center, MBK Center, Siam Square One, Siam Paragon, Ratchaprasong shopping district and Sukhumvit Road - Wikipedia

We had a walk at Siam Square area, beautiful designs and crowded with the locals and tourists. When we were at Bangkok in December, we saw thousand of elephants in sculpture, an event was held around Thailand. #SiamParagon #deeds (#journeyof999elephants which held at #CentralWorld)

- Dinner at Zen Japanese Restaurant, Siam Center -

Reasonable priced as compared with us in Malaysia. Fresh and delicious, it was one of the best Japanese cuisine I had.

That's how we complete our Second day!

- Damnoen Saduak Floating Market -


Road trip from our hotel to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. Few hours of ride and finally we arrived at the original/ oldest floating market of Thailand. Beautiful from the photos and I will say that it should be the first and the last floating market that I might want to visit. 

The souvenirs that they were selling, could be found else where in Thailand with cheaper price. The interesting part was seeing them selling hot boiled food on their boat. Amazing.

Tickets : 8000 bahts for one boat with 6 person.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Bangkok, ThailanddThe first travel vlog within seconds! Bangkok, Thailand.A glance on Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, the oldest floating market!
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- The Railway -

While we were on our way back to our hotel from Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, we went for a walk at the railway area which it was once an active transportation railway. Currently the local has converted it into a market selling daily materials.

This kind of scenic visiting, might not suitable for "SHOPPING KAKI".

- Central World -

Every mall has their unique and specialty, I love the fact that Central World has all that I need. :) It was the last month of the year and every where just happening!

- The Tourist Pose -

Same goes to McDonald, they have designed Ronald with Thai pose of "Sawadeekap" (Female : Sawadeeka). I wanted to do this for such a long time! Hah!

Unfortunately, our tummy were to full to fill up with Charcoal Burger while Snoopy was around. :( Bangkok has varieties of good meals.

- Tuk Tuk -

I never dream that I could hop into Tuk Tuk from one place to another. We took Tuk Tuk from Central World back to our hotel. Gosh! The ride was rough and extremely speedy. Imagine that fruits that were almost flew off from Mr. Hubs Tuk Tuk!

The cab fares were slaughtering the tourists I should say, my cousin who works in Bangkok help us a lot with conversation via local language with all the drivers. Instead of going back with cabs, we took Tuk Tuk which slightly cheaper at that tourist area.

- Chatucak Weekend Market -


From Phloen Chit, we took Sky Bus to Chatucak. Chatucak Weekend Market is the largest market in Thailand.

Once only popular among wholesalers and traders, Chatuchak Weekend Market has reached a landmark status as a must-visit place for tourists. Its sheer size and diverse collections of merchandise will bring any seasoned shoppers to their knees – this is where you can literally shop ‘till you drop’. The 35-acre (68-rai) area of Chatuchak is home to more than 8,000 market stalls. On a typical weekend, more than 200,000 visitors come here to sift through the goods on offer. Veteran shoppers would agree that just about everything is on sale here, although not all at the best bargain rates. But if you have one weekend in Bangkok, squeeze in a day trip to Chatuchak Weekend Market and you will not be disappointed. - Bangkok

- Coconut Ice Cream -

Coconut Ice Cream is one of my MUST EAT list! Spotted at Chaktucak Weekend Market. I like it without the sticky rice!

Had a walk at Chatucak Weekend Market, there were so many things to see and buy. If we have the time, it would take us whole day just for food and worthy buys!

I heard that the market at China Town would be one of the destination I might like, I guess it will be in my list for next visit. :)

- The Temple of Dawn : Wat Arun -

Arriving Central Pier, Sathorn (Taksin), we bought our Tourist Boat tickets with 40 baht each person and went for a cruise tour at Chao Phraya River. Simply to Tha Tien if I'm not wrong and bought another ticket to go to the opposite where Wat Arun is located.

Well known for its beautiful scenery of sunset. Unfortunately, Wat Arun was under renovation when we were there. We did enter the compound, however we only can see Wat Arun as it is. I'm wondering were they preparing for the new year celebration later (after I saw the images of new year celebration at Temple of Dawn).

Photos of Temple of Dawn was beautifully crafted and define.

- Pad Thai -

We ended our evening with visiting to Temple of Dawn and dinner at the first night open food court next to our hotel again! We used all our balance on the Thai dinner we had! Such a feast we had before we we flew back to Malaysia on the next morning (The Fifth Day)

Thanks to Mr. Lee, my mom friend who planned the whole trip for us!

That's all and till I posted my Bangkok trip in details!

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