Sunday, January 3, 2016

Kota Belud【沙巴玩】Nature & River Cruise Trip 古打毛律一日游 #FireFlies #Birding #NatureLover

Kota Belud, Sabah. 沙巴, 古打毛律。

It was the first trip to explore the nature side of Kota Belud. Before this, I had the chance only to have a bowl of Kota Belud noodles or a passerby to reach another town. I do admire the paddy field that Kota Belud could offer, it was a calm sight. :)

It took us roughly two hours to reach Kota Belud. There were a few scenery spots that Jeremy brought us too and here are some of the extraordinary home to the villages/ native that we were able to experience.

- Mechanical Hand Water Pump -

Kota Belud Day Trip - Mechanical Water PumpWe had to chance to experience the mechanical water pump at Kota Belud!
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Serving the villagers since 1980's until the era where electrical pump was introduced.

Everyone was excited to see the mechanical hand water pump and even took a short video with it!

- Assembly of Scarecrows -

It frighten us when we were getting nearer to the secondary school, we saw many "people" in clothes was assembling at the field. In fact, the school was creating a Malaysian record for that event "Orang-Orang".

- Paddy Field, The River, The Sky, The Breeze -

- Kota Belud Town : Almost 100 years staircase -

A staircase for the villages to bring things to sell at the weekly market. It was there since many years ago.

- Kota Belud Noodle -

Tuaran have Tuaran Mee, Tamparuli have Tamparuli Mee. Non the less, Kota Belud do have their noodle "branding" as well. The coffee shop located at the middle of the blocks of shops. It was sad to say that the shop will be abolish soon and the whole area will be uplifted into bus terminal. 

The bowl of noodle maybe will be the last time we had.

- Temple -

#OnlyInSabah We appreciate every culture and religion in Sabah, even the temple was located next to a Islam school. We should respect another religion, we respect them and vice versa.

- Penjaram -

Jeremy told us that they have a local delicacies served during tea time. We had a cup of coffee with Penjaram, banana fritters and others. It was tasty and clean serving that Borneo Bayau offers. A family based tour company that I often believe.

- Selfie with Horse -

Did I told you that Kota Belud also know as the home to Cowboys from the East (The Bajau Horsemen). The villagers believe that horses are the symbol of wealthy and the during Tamu Besar Kota Belud, an annual event held at Kota Belud, the Bajau Horsemen will dressed their horse and ponies in respondents customs, while displaying their unrivaled horse riding skills.

We were lucky to witness and even had a ride on the dressed horse that the Bajau horseman brought to the compound of Borneo Bayau Tours. Such an obedient horse he have.
Bajau horsemen dress their horses and ponies in resplendent costumes, while displaying their unrivaled horse-riding skills. A great time to witness traditional sports such as buffalo racing and the crowning of the Sarempak/Senisip Beauty Queens. Check the event listing to see when this year's Tamu Besar Kota Belud will take place. - See more at:

- Tempasuk River -

It was time for us to have river cruising along Tempasuk River. It is another river nearer to Kota Kinabalu that we could enjoy the nature and even to search for the famous PROBOSCIS MONKEYS! They have big size Proboscis monkeys there!

- We found Proboscis Monkeys -

- Proboscis Monkeys -

Certainly huge right? We even spotted small babies!

- Resort along the river? -

We saw the local Malay Bajau houses along the river. IT WAS HUGE! Different feeling during the river cruising.

- The Sunset -

- The Sunset -

 - Dinner by Borneo Bayau Tours -

Delicious local dishes that fills everyone taste buds.

- Where we start our River Cruise -

- Fire Flies -

We had the chance to have a look at fireflies at Tempasuk River. A second trip to see the "Christmas Tree" that created by Mother Nature.

- River Cruising -

That's our river cruising with Borneo Bayau Tours. A satisfied one with friends and family. #FunWithBorneoBayau

It's been a while that I share trips within Sabah! Till then and I wanted to go for a round trip to Sandakan!!! 


  1. Meitzeu thank you for this only I know instead of Kinabatangan river there is another river to watch Proboscis monkey and then of course the village and nature view is so nice...wanna go there one day for sure.

  2. Haven't been there,seems like a nice place for an adventure