Friday, December 18, 2015

【生活点滴】 Updates : Kudos Modern European Dining & After 5 Christmas Party, Gaya Street

It was the first dinner arrangement assigned to me. 

Glad to say I have received a number of appraises from colleagues and it just made my day. The chosen venue, the programs, the singing and et cetera. You can't imagine how anxious am I during the dinner, such a relieve that Kudos did a good job and tried their best to meet our requirements. Somehow, I do learn a bit from them as well. Seeing their professional services provided, I truly admire Kudos as always. :) 

Romantic. Intimate. Warm.

第一次的公司聚会安排, 令我从中学习了一些东西。 也挑战自己的所能。 很安慰同事们玩的很开心, 也很高兴听到了他们的赞赏。也很怀疑下一个一年一度的晚宴该怎样, 他们期待着, 我更心急。 本地的选择真的很有限, budget 也很头疼呀! 天哪!

好了, 好了, 在此我分享了一些那晚的圣诞聚会, 位于市中心的一间最古老的本地大酒店。 如果你们跟随着, 该注意到这家餐厅也是我蛮喜欢的一间。 去年我与 Mr. Hubs 在这间庆祝生日哦!  

- 美酒 The Wine -

During my wedding night months ago, my aunt did gave us a suggestion for doing a handmade guest name cards just like above, but not with the food selection of course. And this time, the restaurant reminded me about the name cards again and WALLA! That was handmade by me for the whole office. :) 

还记得那天结婚时, 我的舅娘提议的客人名片终于可以派上用场了。 :) 所有桌上的名片卡是以个人所选择的菜单做的, 几次的检查确定没错。 什么都好, 我还是很担心名片上的菜单忽然出错的。 只好等着完全结束才松了口气。

- 圣诞气氛 The lovely Christmas Setting -

- 交换礼物游戏 Gift Exchange Fun -

那晚很多人最期待的游戏! 我们帮老板买的那份礼是没人可相信的 Swarovski 水晶笔。 我好爱这牌子哦! 可惜我没那么幸运可抽到那份礼。  

And on behalf of our boss, we bought Swarovski ballpen as his STAR GIFT, and only a lucky person shall get it! Oh boy, I love Swarovski okay?

- 我的战友 My team members -

- Mini Chocolate Fondant with Vanilla Ice Cream -

- Traditional Apple Crumble -

- Braised Beef Ribs with Homenade Barbeque Sauce and Mashed Potatoes -

- Roasted Chicken Leg with Mushroom Duxelles and Shallot Reduction -

- Roasted Pumpkin Soup with Toasted Croutons -

- 我的礼物! My Gift from Gift Exchange Fun -

It was quite an interesting night, a few newly added "surprises" in it. Received the extra programs about boss birthday soon and gave him a little surprise as well. We also glad that there's pianist among us and there's a piano at Kudos as well! First, we sang a surprise one for boss at the restaurant and next we walk to the piano and sang for me again, Christmas song and an old Chinese song which we don't know why they pick that song! Too funny.

Well, I must say there's a lot to improve. :) and the main one will be I need to speak louder. -_-  

That's all for today! ;)

哈哈! 不错吧。 我们还给了老板一个小惊喜哦! 老板这星期生日, 我们也接着机会唱唱歌! 我们公司还有钢琴家哦, 弹弹琴, 唱唱歌。 觉得蛮成功的圣诞聚会。 有位旅客还拍下了我们的照片。 哈哈!

好吧, 我就到此。

Bits of last night scene. Christmas after 5 party! Wine and dine. 🤗
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