Tuesday, December 15, 2015

【沙巴新鲜事】 亚庇 The Night at Miss Scuba International 2015, Magellan Sutera Harbour

那天与姐参加了一项选美比赛的晚宴。 说真的, 我好久没参加这样的晚宴了。 哈哈! 

今天我不讲多了, 有点感觉累。

So I went with meatball online to attend Miss Scuba International 2015, sometime last month.

Great to meet new friends and being entertained with the programs during the night.

Well, I'm going make a short write up today, do enjoy the photos I took that night!

- It begin with Orchestra by Jeselton Philharmonic Orchestra - 

- 来自中国的佳丽 Contestant from China -

很多参赛者都以她们国家的传统服装浓重登场。 所谓大饱眼福哦! 

Everyone wearing the unique traditional attires according to their country.

- One of the Scene -

- 沙巴著名电台广播员 I met Rica from Hitz.FM! -

项链 - 是我最爱的 Swarovski! 也是限量版, 来自加拿大的结婚礼物! 珍珠让人变得更女人。 感觉啦!

Accessories : Necklace all the way from Canada. Limited edition by Swarovski. I love Swarovski so much! Champagne colour pearl earring. :)

- 圣诞来咯! It's Christmas Season! -

今天到此为止! That's all for today!

这是今年获得 Miss Scuba International 的名誉!

 Here is the Winner of Miss Scuba International 2015 

Cindy Madduma - 来自菲律宾 From Philippines 

Website : Miss Scuba

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  1. Hey....just dropping by to say an early Merry Christmas to you. My side no line :(