Sunday, November 22, 2015

【生活点滴】 嘻嘻, 我们结婚啦! Updates : The Wedding ;)

It has been two months since the day we tied the knot. Frankly speaking, married life is quite busy and the best way to see it in a positive way and that's how important of "time management" and to make our time manageable.

Well, here I am going to share bits of our actual day. :) Happy reading and enjoy those beautiful moments. :)

结婚当日至今都已经两个月了, 人生变化当然免不了, 我与Mr. Hubs 的时间难免好像不够用似的, 的确很忙, 很忙。


- The Wedding Dress 婚纱 -

婚纱是新娘子的象征, 也代表了最美的那一件。我喜欢鱼尾款式的剪裁。

Detailed wedding dress with Swarovski elements and non the less, the fish tailed dress is what I dream of for the wedding day. Couldn't imagine that I could fit in fish tailed dress.

- 传统礼仪 The Teapots in Chinese Tradition -


I truly appreciate the culture, if there's no culture and tradition or religion, we wouldn't be a person that we are today.

- 化妆师 The Make Up Artist -

一个很棒的化妆师是必要的。 我找到了Shin Yi 好让她画的美美的。

Very young and talented Shin Yi. Discussion and research for the bride's best look is a must! Attached her after looking through her portfolio.

- 笑一笑 Smile -

- 姐妹们 The bride's maids -

我的姐妹们, 有的还认识了十多年啦! 我喜欢姐妹们手上的花。 我前往的花店定下了几种颜色, 好让姐妹留下纪念

From secondary, college/ university, bloggers and sisters. They are simply awesome! The flower wristlets were a gift for them to keep as remembrance.

- 新郎, 新娘 与 姐妹 Mr. Hubs, bride and Jimuis -

那天看得出 Mr. Hubs 是很累的, 但他笑得超开心的。 前几天问了他, 是否当天看到穿上嫁衣的我有没令他感到安慰以及感动。他只说 - 做了那么多, 妳还不知吗? 哈哈! 我无言。

Mr. Hubs certainly laughed so happily. hahaha! My jimuis managed to make fun of the groom like those from the movie scenes, but easier in a sense.

- 英式果子蛋糕 Fruit Cakes -

我妈妈可烘焙一手美味果子蛋糕, 曲奇饼还有马卡龙哦!

My mom could bake the best english fruit cakes, cookies and macarons! My mom and teams designed the three layer cakes just for the wedding day. :) Looks like real roses, don't they. :) Heard that we need to keep the smaller cake and cut it after first anniversary.

- 我们的晚宴 Our dinner reception -

Mr. Hubs 都一直在晚宴的现场看看, 以确保每样都完美。

Thanks to Mr. Hubs for checking through the whole venue's design, certainly just like what I wanted. The colour code, the backdrop, the roses. :) Thanks to them who lend a hand in every details to make the reception gorgeous!

Glad that every guests were praising our designed theme and of course we have a good emcee as well! Guests had lots of fun and winning cakes somemore! Yes! We have lucky draw and way funny if you were there. :)

- 马卡龙 Macarons -

甜蜜蜜马卡龙。 玫瑰花蕊来自英国令马卡龙有一种特别香味。 谢谢舅娘从加拿大飞往沙巴见证了我们的婚姻, 还准备了所有当天的马卡龙! 客人超爱吃了!曲奇饼也是自家做的哦!谢谢妈妈与家人的热心把细节做的很好。 

Roses macarons. Dried roses bulbs from England, that's why the macarons were special on that night. Thanks to Aunt Rosa from Canada who came back with my uncle to attend the wedding and baked all the macarons with the assistance of my family. Guests love the macarons!

- 门厅 The Foyer -

Mr. Hubs 把门厅大理的好好的。 那是我要的照片背景, 好让客人拍拍照留下回忆。好像一个小苑子吧! 每个人都穿的很得体, 很漂亮! 真的很开心, 很舒服的感觉。 累的也开心啦!

The foyer of that night. For guests to have cocktail and photography session. Well designed with traditional colour and modern design. I just love all the design and backdrop that night. Somehow I was a bit turning into "Bridzilla” in the end.  

The whole was indeed tiring and no matter what the bride need to smile and conquer the pain on the feet!

我们的一些婚纱照。 他们说拍的真的很美哦! 哈哈!

The wedding photography that we had. Friends and family praised lots on our photos!

- 这对新人 The Wedding Couple -

- 穿上了嫁衣 The Bride -

- 黄昏时分 Columbus and Sunset -

拍的真的有那个复古的感觉。 我们借着过百年历史的 Columbus 渡轮拍摄了最棒的景色。 超喜欢有种像拍摄广告的“产品”。很棒的一位摄影师。

We had our photography session with Columbus. The 100 years ship that made the photography perfect with the vintage feel. :) I love photography so much! Enjoyed the session with Mr. Hubs and photographer.

好了, 就到此为止。希望你们喜欢今天的文章! :) Hopefully all of you love this entry. :) That‘s all for today!

All the above : 
Fruit Cakes and macarons by Deli Bites
Macarons by Rosacooks
Dinner reception at Sutera Harbour Resort
Emcee and Lighting by Wesley
Actual Day photography by My Love Album
Bride's Make Up Artist by Kok Shin Yi and Mothers and Sisters' Make Up by  Borneo Bridal
Wedding Dress by Life Bridal KK