Monday, November 16, 2015

KK 【沙巴吃】 Omma's Oven 翁妈烘培, Lintas Plaza

 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. 沙巴, 亚庇。

I do miss those times when we have a cup of coffee during weekend. :) I did went to visit Omma's Oven after their new outlet started operating. Now with additional selection in their menu and additional coffees, it is a good place to chill.

又一间亚庇咖啡馆可以享受美好时光哦!! 翁妈烘培的乐趣!


- Cappuccino and Bagel 卡普奇诺与贝果面包 -

The first taste. Bagel was a bit hard and chewy, guess it was overdone when they were reheating it. It seems that they need to have some improvement on their coffee art skill. ;) Well, I will visit them again for other selections anyway. 

贝果面包有点硬, 我猜想因该是烤过时间了吧。 第一次喝他们的咖啡还ok, 但咖啡绘画需要一点的改进。 没关系! 我蛮喜欢这家的感觉, 不错哦!

- The cup of coffee 咖啡香 -

- The cup of coffee 咖啡香 -

I had cappuccino with flat white art. :D 第二次与美女博客享用午餐去!

- Big Breakfast 丰盛的早餐 -

Sometimes having bread for lunch might be a good choice when meeting an old friend. 

分量刚好的Whole day Big Breakfast!

- Banana Minion -

Taste chocolate, bananas and hazelnuts!

吃着, 吃着, 有点感觉可怕的第一次! 哈哈! 有点甜, 但这家最新的薄饼是与雪糕的。 喜欢。

- Pancake 薄煎饼 -

The third visit for coffee talk with dearest girl friend! Good combination! 

叹杯茶是不错的哦!值得试试的一家。不但可以到此喝杯茶, 客人还可以购买他家的面包类。 健康烘培这家可以到此一看。

Location :
Lintas Plaza

Facebook : Omma's Oven


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