Wednesday, November 25, 2015

KK Cafe 【沙巴吃】 Inch Coffee, Tanjung Aru

那天假日时, 我们俩到了近期内满受欢迎的一间咖啡馆好好品尝好的咖啡。

It wasn't a good day for me when I went for a drink at Inch Coffee. It was my first visit to their newly open outlet after moved from Likas Bay's factory. Well, I might say they do have good coffee and cakes!

- Cappuccino, Latte and Lemon Cheesecake 卡普奇诺, 拉铁 与 柠檬起司蛋糕 -

咖啡好喝, 还记得喝过他们家还蛮特别的冷咖啡。 冷咖啡内加入了椰丝哦! 环境很不错, 位于市区有一段路程。 起司蛋糕也好吃,绵绵的, 不会很干。

In fact, the environment at the newly open Inch Coffee at Perdana Park was perfect for me, avoiding those crowded city life.  Coffee was good and cheesecake was creamy. I saw their waffles and it looks so delicious with fruits topping! I love waffles or shall I say, most girls love waffles. :)

- My cappuccino 我的那杯咖啡 -

- Just the two of Us 与 Mr. Hubs 拍拖去! -

环境好, 喝的也开心哦!

Brighter environment do attract people like us.

- 笑一下!:) Smile! -

乘机会也拍了几张相片, 好久没拍了哦!

Few photos for the day.

这家咖啡馆还值得一试! 我会再回到这家咖啡馆坐坐。

Inch Cafe will be one of my top list for cafe outing. :) I like it there. 

Facebook :  Inch Coffee

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  1. Those coffee look so pretty... yummy lemon cheesecake! :D