Monday, November 30, 2015

【中国游】 福建, 武夷山 (V.1) : 3 天 2 夜之旅 China Guide : Wu Yi Shan, Fu Jian 3D/2N

武夷山游 - 3 天 2 夜。
Guide to Wu Yi Shan - 3 Days 2 Nights.

For the first China trip I had, I instantly felt in love the Wu Yi Shan. :) The scenery was beautiful and I love the stage performance by the locals there, it was beautiful with 360 degree outdoor stage. It's winter, certainly it is cold out there! In need China made me wanted to explore more. (despite of the hygiene there.)

第一次的中国游, 深深的被武夷山的风景给吸引着。好挂念那油油的山以及清新舒服的空气, 还有那场大红袍的实景演出真的让我们大开眼界。

The following were the destinations we went during the stay at Wu Yi Mountain. Do enjoy! By the way, there's a short video at the below for you to enjoy!

以下是一系列我们在武夷山所见到的。还有! 还有! 在这里我还编制了一个短片关于武夷山之旅, 好好观赏吧!

* 夜间走走看看 Sightseeing at night 
* 武夷山悦华酒店 (五星级) Yeo Hwa Resort (5 Star)
* 云窝 天游 桃园洞景区 The Cloud's Lair, Heavenly Tour and Peach Blossom Paradise Scenic Area
* 印象大红袍山水实景演出 Stage Performance of DaHongPao
* 大红袍茶园, 一线天, 风洞与虎啸岩 Tea Garden, Tread of Sky, Wind Cave and Tiger Roar Cliff


  1. Now I know where to go if I travel to China one day, thanks.

  2. Wow! The sight at Wu Yi Shan is so nice! Hope that I can visit it someday :)

  3. Seems like a nice ride in the raft