Thursday, October 15, 2015

【沙巴美食】 亚庇 : 小小厨房, 大大梦想!Food in Sabah : Kota Kinabalu - Wonders with The Little Kitchen, Lido!

来到了这间小厨房真的挺可爱的! 小小的一间充满了对世界的好奇心, 好多他国的精品物件可以欣赏哦。

Sitting in Little Kitchen certainly bring back a lot of amazing memories. Memories of traveling solo, with love ones and any thing you might think of. :)

- Cuppa Coffee, London and Cutlery -

终于可以享用这家的美食以及咖啡, 我不会很懂得咖啡可是我的选择只有黑咖啡 (Long Black) 与 卡普奇诺 (Cappuccino) , 要不然就是焦糖玛奇朵 (Caramel Macchiato) 啦! 第二次来到 The Little Kitchen 还看见台湾旅游博客 - 雪儿 (雪儿旅游杂记), 我不懂得她直到晚上看见圆圆博得照片才懂。

I wanted to visit this cozy little cafe for quite sometimes, and since the day my mom and sisters went there without me! Finally got to visit it with #Saturdate during one fine Saturday and another visit after. I even got the opportunity to sit in at the same venue with the famous Taiwanese Travel Blogger (雪儿旅游杂记)who was meeting a local Sabahan.

- 卡普奇诺 Cappuccino -

还蛮舒服的一间邻家咖啡馆, 很简单的一间,也充满了梦想旅游的一间。

I enjoyed the time chit chatting with friends at The Little Kitchen, certainly cozy and so many details to admire, Yuan Yuan (the owner) do keep a lot of "Treasure" at the cafe, I guess almost 98% were from the trips she went to all these years.

- 名信片 Post Cards -

欣赏那些贴在墙上的名信片都已经觉得我们应该多旅游,我也相信旅游可以让一个人变得成熟, 也对人生的意见改观。

以下就是我们那天享用的美食。 简单的下午茶。

I spotted "The House of Clay" of Yong Ding, China's postcard! Boy, somehow I do miss a bit of China in that beautiful scenery. Paris! Borneo! Rome! So many to admire!

Okay, here's two of the dishes we during our first visit.

- 炒蛋与烤面包 Omelet with Toast -

- 三明治 Sandwiches -

他家的美食是很家庭式的。快熟面, 果汁也有。这是我蛮喜欢的一间咖啡馆, 也会约朋友来喝茶的一间!

In fact, the dishes served basically tasted home cook. Which many people will like in a sense whereby mother always say "Home cook better! More healthy!" It just The Little Kitchen's style, passionately run by a couple who love to eat too!

Well, don't expect too high, because it's a cozy little cafe run by young couple and friends! I simply love this type of homey cafe. :)

Facebook : The Little Kitchen

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