Saturday, October 31, 2015

【健康生活】 果汁与冰沙 Recipes - Blending in Juices & Smoothies

所以说, 结婚的生活是有点不一样的啦! 健康也变了两个人的事。 

慢慢的我也爱上了研究各种果汁与自家冰沙类, 朋友看到了我博得相片的确令人垂涎三尺, 也羡慕先生啦!先生也喝的超快的! 哈哈哈! 是值得开心下!

Do I need to explain much on the richness of vegetables and fruits? We are often being reminded to consume greens for healthier living.

Married life somehow made me a little different than before, lately, I am in love with blending all the fruits added with yogurt which we called "SMOOTHIE". Mr. Husband do love the smoothies and he finished them within minutes! With all the benefits from fruits and vegetables, we just have to blend them into one and it is pulp/ fiber-filled. Easy breakfast and detoxing, certainly skin will be radiant in a healthy way.

 - 橙汁 Orange Juices -

橙子。 我们用的果汁机是普通的, 所以它的成果就是我的果汁与冰沙是含有镐钎维的!

Oranges. Vitamin C in a bottle. Bought my individual blender and it was fun using it. It was my first trial and only we knew how many huge size oranges inside our fridge!

- 水果冰沙 Fruits Smoothies -

橙子,柠檬片, 木瓜以及酸奶。也可以加入冰块。

Orange, Slice of skinned lemon, Papaya and Yogurt. With additional iced drink, add in ice cubes!

- 水果冰沙 Smoothies -

番茄, 苹果, 香蕉, 柠檬片, 橙子与酸奶。

以上的都是自家做的哦! 有什么就加什么! 很简单! 很健康!除此之外,蔬菜类也可以加入健康果汁哦! 试一试, 就可以知道味道是怎么样了! 如果想有一点的甜味, 那就加入少许蜜糖。

Tomatoes, Apples, Bananas, Lemon slices, Oranges and Yogurt

Blending in whatever fruits we love with yogurt and milk. There won't be anyone stopping us to do that! 

Besides fruits, we can add Oats, Chia seeds, green vegetables like spinach, carrots, cucumbers and more for juices and smoothies. There's always a try and error session there, do add sweetener (eg. honey) as an option.

- 我家水果 Fruits -

果汁与冰沙也是一个“消除”冰箱的水果的好方法哦!与家人, 朋友分享这些好料! 以下是各种水果及蔬菜的健康价值, 多多了解吧! 你可知道香蕉的营养可让我们精力充沛, 很多运动健将们都会选择的水果。

When your house have lots of fruits and can't finish them, blend them and share with your family and friends!

The following images are the fruits and vegetables benefits that suitable for smoothies and juices. Do read up for your smoothies ideas! Just add in sweetener if you need.

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今天就到此了! 周末快乐!

That's all for smoothie talk! I'm thinking of doing it today! :) Happy weekend!

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