Wednesday, October 14, 2015

【生活点滴】 你好!美食,旅游我来咯!Bits of Updates : Back for MORE on Food & Travel!

 终于慢慢的恢复正常生活! 我也需要快马加鞭的博上新美食探险以及旅游景点以及新事件咯!

It's been a long relax holiday. Busy with so many little things that some of you might be wondering. :)

Well, I do have friends and clients who asked me whether I'm still in to blogging or not? In fact, YES! Passion with meeting new people and learning new things. :) And of course! Indulging new food!

拭目以待吧, 朋友!如果您是亚庇部落客, 请您把您的details电邮至我吧! 有的玩的, 我会告诉您!

Laugh is all I have and guess what?! I have a new laptop to play with! So glad to have it finally!

 By the way, if you are activist KK Bloggers, please email you details to (Eg. Your name, Blog link, Instagram, Contact No. and etc!)

 See you in few days! Cheers!

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