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Saturday, October 31, 2015

【健康生活】 果汁与冰沙 Recipes - Blending in Juices & Smoothies

所以说, 结婚的生活是有点不一样的啦! 健康也变了两个人的事。 

慢慢的我也爱上了研究各种果汁与自家冰沙类, 朋友看到了我博得相片的确令人垂涎三尺, 也羡慕先生啦!先生也喝的超快的! 哈哈哈! 是值得开心下!

Do I need to explain much on the richness of vegetables and fruits? We are often being reminded to consume greens for healthier living.

Married life somehow made me a little different than before, lately, I am in love with blending all the fruits added with yogurt which we called "SMOOTHIE". Mr. Husband do love the smoothies and he finished them within minutes! With all the benefits from fruits and vegetables, we just have to blend them into one and it is pulp/ fiber-filled. Easy breakfast and detoxing, certainly skin will be radiant in a healthy way.

 - 橙汁 Orange Juices -

橙子。 我们用的果汁机是普通的, 所以它的成果就是我的果汁与冰沙是含有镐钎维的!

Oranges. Vitamin C in a bottle. Bought my individual blender and it was fun using it. It was my first trial and only we knew how many huge size oranges inside our fridge!

- 水果冰沙 Fruits Smoothies -

橙子,柠檬片, 木瓜以及酸奶。也可以加入冰块。

Orange, Slice of skinned lemon, Papaya and Yogurt. With additional iced drink, add in ice cubes!

- 水果冰沙 Smoothies -

番茄, 苹果, 香蕉, 柠檬片, 橙子与酸奶。

以上的都是自家做的哦! 有什么就加什么! 很简单! 很健康!除此之外,蔬菜类也可以加入健康果汁哦! 试一试, 就可以知道味道是怎么样了! 如果想有一点的甜味, 那就加入少许蜜糖。

Tomatoes, Apples, Bananas, Lemon slices, Oranges and Yogurt

Blending in whatever fruits we love with yogurt and milk. There won't be anyone stopping us to do that! 

Besides fruits, we can add Oats, Chia seeds, green vegetables like spinach, carrots, cucumbers and more for juices and smoothies. There's always a try and error session there, do add sweetener (eg. honey) as an option.

- 我家水果 Fruits -

果汁与冰沙也是一个“消除”冰箱的水果的好方法哦!与家人, 朋友分享这些好料! 以下是各种水果及蔬菜的健康价值, 多多了解吧! 你可知道香蕉的营养可让我们精力充沛, 很多运动健将们都会选择的水果。

When your house have lots of fruits and can't finish them, blend them and share with your family and friends!

The following images are the fruits and vegetables benefits that suitable for smoothies and juices. Do read up for your smoothies ideas! Just add in sweetener if you need.

- Source -

今天就到此了! 周末快乐!

That's all for smoothie talk! I'm thinking of doing it today! :) Happy weekend!

For more recipes : Healthy Smoothie Headquaters

Saturday, October 24, 2015

【沙巴美食】 亚庇: 沟通式中午茶! Food in Sabah : Kota Kinabalu - Weekend at Socialize Cafe, Metro Town

终于可以享用这间咖啡店啦!在我朋友的圈子里, 听说这间受了各样的评语, 有人说不好, 也有人说Okay.

Wanted to dine in at this cafe for quite sometimes and finally, we had our brunch at Socialize Cafe before time up for our facial booking. :) It was a while since the last meeting with Calista. ;)

- 卡普奇诺 Cappuccino -

他们在准备过程也算是有一点慢, 也幸运我们选择的食物还有饮品还不错。以下是我们那天的选择。

The cup of coffee I had the other day. Overall, they took quite sometime to prepare their food and beverage tho. Being less selective, overall the food we had was okay, glad we ordered correctly. The next were those that we had that day. :) Enjoy!

- 橙汁 Orange Juice -

- 招牌早餐 Socialize Breakfast -

- 水煮蛋 Egg Benedict -

我们俩见面的早午餐。 :)  好了, 到此为止了!祝你们有个愉快的星期!

Those were the ones we had! I think I may not try their western grilled series, as such I heard that it wasn't right when they tried it previously. The chicken was tasteless.

That's all for today! Have a great day to you!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

China 【中国游】 : Conquering GuiLin City! 这就是桂林市!

中国篇 - 广西,桂林市
China Part 1 - Gui Lin City of Guang Xi Region

的确像他们所说的那样, 桂林风景的确美。 从吉隆玻飞往桂林的旅程蛮顺利, 我们也开始了我们的第一站广西之旅!

From KL to GuiLin, finally we arrived the first destination. Flight was smooth and the city was beautifully sighted. :) Just to let you know, Gui Lin is truly beautiful as we heard and seen from online. A place that is worth to visit.

- 桂林 GuiLin -

桂林市位于广西壮族自治区东北部,湘桂走廊南端。东、北与湖南省相邻。湘桂铁路漓江纵贯,有321、322、323三条国道穿过。桂林是中国首批历史文化名城、中国优秀旅游城市,享有桂林山水甲天下之美誉。- 维基百科

Guilin is a prefecture-level city in the northeast of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China, situated on the west bank of the Li River, and bordering Hunan to the north. Its name means, "Forest of Sweet Osmanthus", owing to the large number of fragrant Sweet Osmanthus trees located in the city. The city has long been renowned for its scenery of karst topography and is one of China's most popular tourist destinations - Wikipedia

- 龙泽茶酒坊 The First Meal in GuiLin -

享用了一些特别的中国菜色。 太极羹与茶香东波肉。真的让我们打开眼界的太极羹, 青色是磨出来的茶。

Dishes served was quite special, never tried Tai Chi Soup and the Pork braised with tea. The taste and smell certainly different from what we had usual.

- 太极羹 Tai Chi Soup -

- 茶香东波肉 Pork Braised with Tea -

- 周围的事物 The Surrounding -


From where we stayed, it looks like GuiLin such a calm place to stay. It was breezy during the trip we went in end of October, 2014.

- 市场 The Market -

让我们理解了道地的生活方式, 我们也到了附近的市场逛逛看看不一样的市场。

They say we can understand the local lifestyle through the market. We did walk to the nearest market to have a look. Gosh! Fruits were sweet and things were fresh!

- 一种果子 My mom love this -


“Lem She", a type a fruit which is easily found in China, it normally found during its season.

The fruit where we can't frequently found at our local supermarket. There were two types as what I understand, the fresh one and the preserved one as above.

- 市场 The Market -

我们的领队带着我们去买些超值的食品, 依然每次都那么风趣的领队!

Our tour guide brought us to visit there, so many goods to see and experience. Yet, so colourful.

- 那天的服装配搭 #OOTD Zara Top, Vintage sling bag from mom, River Island pants, Timberland Boots -


That's complete our day time GuiLin on the first day! Looking forward to write more on the beautiful China and Vietnam trip!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

【沙巴美食】 亚庇 : 小小厨房, 大大梦想!Food in Sabah : Kota Kinabalu - Wonders with The Little Kitchen, Lido!

来到了这间小厨房真的挺可爱的! 小小的一间充满了对世界的好奇心, 好多他国的精品物件可以欣赏哦。

Sitting in Little Kitchen certainly bring back a lot of amazing memories. Memories of traveling solo, with love ones and any thing you might think of. :)

- Cuppa Coffee, London and Cutlery -

终于可以享用这家的美食以及咖啡, 我不会很懂得咖啡可是我的选择只有黑咖啡 (Long Black) 与 卡普奇诺 (Cappuccino) , 要不然就是焦糖玛奇朵 (Caramel Macchiato) 啦! 第二次来到 The Little Kitchen 还看见台湾旅游博客 - 雪儿 (雪儿旅游杂记), 我不懂得她直到晚上看见圆圆博得照片才懂。

I wanted to visit this cozy little cafe for quite sometimes, and since the day my mom and sisters went there without me! Finally got to visit it with #Saturdate during one fine Saturday and another visit after. I even got the opportunity to sit in at the same venue with the famous Taiwanese Travel Blogger (雪儿旅游杂记)who was meeting a local Sabahan.

- 卡普奇诺 Cappuccino -

还蛮舒服的一间邻家咖啡馆, 很简单的一间,也充满了梦想旅游的一间。

I enjoyed the time chit chatting with friends at The Little Kitchen, certainly cozy and so many details to admire, Yuan Yuan (the owner) do keep a lot of "Treasure" at the cafe, I guess almost 98% were from the trips she went to all these years.

- 名信片 Post Cards -

欣赏那些贴在墙上的名信片都已经觉得我们应该多旅游,我也相信旅游可以让一个人变得成熟, 也对人生的意见改观。

以下就是我们那天享用的美食。 简单的下午茶。

I spotted "The House of Clay" of Yong Ding, China's postcard! Boy, somehow I do miss a bit of China in that beautiful scenery. Paris! Borneo! Rome! So many to admire!

Okay, here's two of the dishes we during our first visit.

- 炒蛋与烤面包 Omelet with Toast -

- 三明治 Sandwiches -

他家的美食是很家庭式的。快熟面, 果汁也有。这是我蛮喜欢的一间咖啡馆, 也会约朋友来喝茶的一间!

In fact, the dishes served basically tasted home cook. Which many people will like in a sense whereby mother always say "Home cook better! More healthy!" It just The Little Kitchen's style, passionately run by a couple who love to eat too!

Well, don't expect too high, because it's a cozy little cafe run by young couple and friends! I simply love this type of homey cafe. :)

Facebook : The Little Kitchen

p/s : 如果您是亚庇部落客,而你也想加入我们的大家庭, 请您把您的质料电邮至 (名字, 网页,Instagram, 电话号码 与其他)
If you are activist KK Blogger and you would like to be in the family, please email you details to (Eg. Your name, Blog link, Instagram, Contact No. and etc!)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

【生活点滴】 你好!美食,旅游我来咯!Bits of Updates : Back for MORE on Food & Travel!

 终于慢慢的恢复正常生活! 我也需要快马加鞭的博上新美食探险以及旅游景点以及新事件咯!

It's been a long relax holiday. Busy with so many little things that some of you might be wondering. :)

Well, I do have friends and clients who asked me whether I'm still in to blogging or not? In fact, YES! Passion with meeting new people and learning new things. :) And of course! Indulging new food!

拭目以待吧, 朋友!如果您是亚庇部落客, 请您把您的details电邮至我吧! 有的玩的, 我会告诉您!

Laugh is all I have and guess what?! I have a new laptop to play with! So glad to have it finally!

 By the way, if you are activist KK Bloggers, please email you details to (Eg. Your name, Blog link, Instagram, Contact No. and etc!)

 See you in few days! Cheers!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

【沙巴新鲜事】 亚庇 : 艺术的文化 Latest in Sabah : Kota Kinabalu - The Language of Art #tanahairku by #Petronas #CrackoArtGroup #Sabah

Weeks ago, I was invited by Petronas to the launching of #tanahairku 3.0 which Sabah, Sarawak and Johor were selected to held this unique event! Interesting yet close to our Malaysian heart. I love art, culture and heritage. 

那天收到 Petronas 的 #tanahairku 3.0 开幕邀请,也是我感兴趣的马来西亚本地彩色壁画位于亚庇的市中心。精彩哦!今年 #tanahairku 3.0 选择了沙巴、 沙捞越与柔佛举办这项活动, 以马来西亚文化标题为主。沙巴 Cracko Art Group 画家们加入了沙巴文化在他们的壁画中。

- BAH - 

A local language close to Sabahan. Ended with 'bah' almost every day conversation!

我看每个沙巴汉都很熟悉的一个字 'BAH', 天天都会说的!

- The Opening of #tanahairku 开幕典礼 -

The most 'sporting' Tourism Minister we have! Met him many times in local events. 

Do you see the wall mural created by Cracko Art Group which on the right of the above photo and which located at Wisma Sabah on Jalan Haji Saman, the building next to Suria Sabah? That is one of the art work for #tanahairku 3.0. The story of Huminodun, the colour of Sabah flag et cetera. Every element applied represent the local lifestyle and heritage. 

拿督 Masidi 是开幕典礼的重要人物, 很常都可以看到他本人在各种活动被受邀请的。

在此相片的右边可以看见其中之一的壁画, 位于Wisma Sabah, Jalan Haji Saman. 采用沙巴州旗的颜色以及传说中的Huminodun 作为题材。

- Flash Mob of #tanahairku 3.0 舞蹈与歌唱 -

With singing and dancing (traditional and new) by local artists, the event was such a happening one! Glad to be there to celebrate such a meaningful launching. The campaign held by Petronas was a subtle reminder to the younger generation about what makes Malaysia special.

现代的生活是少不了音乐与舞蹈, 庆幸的我们可以观赏了精彩的本地歌星表演以及文化表演。 这项 Petronas 的活动是为了提醒年轻一辈的孩子们对国家的疼爱以及我国的特色。

- The short Flash Mob taken via phone 短片 - 

This is what I left, all soft copies were deleted. -_- 


- The KK Bloggers -

Left to Right : Chloe, Beverly, Myself, Charlotte and Calista.

I guess most of you know us. Right? ;)

这是我们, 也只有那几个啦! 你知道她们吗?

- With Datuk Masidi  与拿督 Masidi -

A very active and friendly person. 超友善的!

- Cracko Art Group -

The artists who collaborated with Petronas for #tanahairku 3.0 campaign. According to reliable sources, there were a total of 22 streets artists have been commissioned to paint 10 selected walls in Kota Kinabalu and Johor Bahru for #tanahairku 3.0 campaign.

他们就是#tanahairku 3.0 所被选中的本地画家! 他们也是我蛮欣赏的一队!一直都是我所关注的本地画家。 Petronas 在此活动邀请了22名画家把一共10部在三个州的墙壁画上了另类的壁画提醒人民对国家的热爱。

- BAH at Wisma Intiutama -

The other wall mural can be spotted at Wisma Intiutama of Lorong Dewan. BAH! Blending in the element of local unique culture heritage, can you see and imagine? Simpoton (A native music instrument), Rafflesia, Kadazan culture and others.

另一个壁画是位于Wisma Intiutama, Lorong Dewan. 加入了沙巴文化在内的一幅画, 真心的给Cracko Art Group 一个赞!连夜把这两幅画完成的, 很多年轻人都关注那几天连夜的作品。

- With the local artists 本地歌手 -

I think it was the first time to see them personally, friendly personal!