Sunday, September 27, 2015

【生活点滴】 回顾一下九月! Bits of Updates in September 2015


一段时间没更新部落格好像少了什么。 近期有点忙也因为忙着我们的婚礼细节与亲戚朋友从远方来的招待。是的, 我们结婚了。:)

It's has been extremely busy and exhausting in the past few weeks! 

Let the pictures speaks. :)

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那段夕阳 We caught the Sunset -

- 自家烘培 Homemade Sweetness -

- 四季的爱 The Four Season of Love -

- 婚礼场地 Our Wedding Banquet -

- 本地美食 The local eateries -

时间的确过得好快哦。。。 上星期的今天, 也就是婚礼的当天, 很累, 但回想是有点浪漫(嘻嘻 :))也很依依不舍的。 

与远方亲戚寻找美食, 忙着婚礼的时光结束后也该勤力干活了哦!

我在想, 应该分享结婚细节吗? (考虑)

《爱食客3》 第十集播出了! 也在同一天, 我也趁着化妆时看看节目。 如果你还没看, 可以看重播哦!

Food hunting with my relatives from Canada and of course the wedding to be done, it has been a fruitful week last week.

By the way, Foodie Blogger Season 3 with me as co-host was on the 20th September, 2015, did you watch it? If no, do watch the repeat at!

Hmm~ I just wonder, should I post entries of the wedding?