Friday, September 18, 2015

《爱食客3》 悄悄地告诉您~ 第十集 沙巴篇在此可以观看! Watch Foodie Blogger 3 (Episode 10) here! #Sabah #Kota Kinbalu #Tamparuli #Lintas #GayaStreet

《爱食客3》 可以在此观看咯! 

And now, we can watch from this blog entry! (Blog post updated on 07.11.2015)


嘻嘻 :D 爱食客3 第十集 沙巴篇预告片!

Watch the preview here!

哎呀! 沙巴集的《爱食客3》即将播出了! 嗷麦GOSH! 就是这星期开始!好紧张呐~ 时间过的真快!


As promised, it's finally screening this September! 

The moment that we waiting for and excited about! Are you excited? I know I'm a bit nervous and gosh, how would I look like on screen. Time do flies, it was like yesterday when the video shooting taken part in April. :) Sabahan will recognise those shops I guess, in KK and Tamparuli in fact.

Here are some of the behind the screens, check it out!

- 瓊萬興茶室 Keng Wan Hing Coffee Shop -

美食文章 Blog post : 亚庇老街之古早包子 The Classic Buns in KKCity!

- 第一次的遇见 The First Meet -


- 云集酒楼,担波罗里 Wun Chiap Restaurant, Tamparuli -

Blog post : 沙巴老镇 - 丹波罗利之沙巴家乡味 The Classic Taste of Sabah found in Tamparuli.

- 新苏兰生肉面 Sinsuran Sang Nyuk Mian -

Blog post : 沙巴生肉面 Sabah Must Eat Sang Nyuk Mian!

- 《爱食客3》 的幕后伙伴! Foodie Blogger crews behind the screen -

再一次谢谢你们让我有机会与你们合作! 下次来沙巴玩,记得找我们呀!

Appreciate the opportunity given and thanks for everything! :)

- 热情的老板与老板娘, 我与美食王子张顺源 Friendly friends and Ernest Chong, the Host -

电视节目播出会在 The episode I'm in will be shown on national TV Channel on 

星期日, 下午三点三十分。 NTV7 上映!

《爱食客3》 也可以看到重播的, 海外的朋友也应该可以看哦!注册网站就可以了!

还有还有! 沙巴集会在这星期与下星期播出, 只有两集哦! 先看看沙巴吃在这星期所介绍的美食吧! 我的将在下星期播出!

If any one of you watching it, do tag me at my Facebook Page at Meitzeu's Blog or Instagram @meitzeu! If you can't make it to watch the episode at 3.30pm, do watch it from, we can watch the episode from there as well!

There's only two episode for Sabah in “Foodie Blogger 3”! Do watch Joanne from Sabaheats who introduced the best of Kota Kinabalu food on this week and mine in next week!

网上看重播 Watch repeat online - TONTON.COM.MY  

记得收看哦! Remember to watch it!

如果有不好的, 别见怪啦。。 。当天真的是我很不好意识的!

Gosh, it's quite embarrassing and you can't imagine the level of nervous I am now!

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  1. Wow..will mark the date.

    Congratulations on your wedding.

  2. 我是槟城博客,第一和第二季爱食客客串嘉宾主持人,支持支持~