Friday, August 14, 2015

UK : York - Those Days at Roman City!【英国游玩记】 罗马城 : 在英国的日子

他们说,曾经在英国读书的我们会得一种病 - “留英国后遗症

哈哈! 是会想念的啦。读书的确是吃吃,喝喝, 逛逛,念书,看看帅哥,美女。 :)

 那天与大学的同学们一起从利物浦 (Liverpool) 到了 York, 罗马城好让我们看看新地方。

In fact, those days in UK was great! :) I love the architecture of the building surrounded, people there and even the green bean taste great there!

So, we went for a day trip to York, The Roman City from Liverpool , the place where I studied.

- York, The Roman City -

以下是我们所看到的在这里分享给你们。 :)

The following will be the places and random things we saw. :) Without explaining much, do enjoy!

-糕点 Fresh Fruits Tarts -


Just made us drool.

- 最高法院 High Court Magistrate -

- The York Dungeon -

- 卡通画家 The Artist -

-我想念的冰淇淋 I miss this!-

- 木偶 Puppet Show -

-Clifford's Tower -

- 假日市场 The Market -

-骑马士? The Rider? -

他们差点就把我们给吓晕了。 超快的骑法,可让旁人看了几下。 哈哈! 那些年。 :)

They frighten me much with such a young age and they ride those horses. The people around just look at them that day! Oh gosh... Those days were amazing.  :')

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