Wednesday, August 19, 2015

China Guide : Guang Zhou (V.1) - 3 Days 2 Nights 【中国游】 广州 - 3天2夜

 短短的三天两夜, 看到了漂亮风景。 买了超值货品! 这篇文章记录了广州之旅呀!

This entry is a compilation of places and food I have experienced during my short trip at Guang Zhou. The weather was Winter Season, 2013.
* 广州 (Guang Zhou) *

i. 荔枝弯 (Li Tzi River)

 一个很热闹及精彩的一段路。 很多拍摄节目与电视剧/电影都是在这里取景。

An architecture project that we could see the classic part of Guang Zhou from near and modern part when we look far. In addition, a scene where many movie were taken. 

ii. 下九广场与北京路 (Shang Xia Jiu Guang Chang and Bei Jing Street)

最著名的两个广场! 逛街及道地的食物也可以吃到。 可是要小心扒手及乞丐。

Time for shopping! Both of the famous street for searching fashionable items and beauty stuffs. Food as well! However, just choose your place to dine. As for me? I had Mc Donald!

 iii. 珠江游 (Pearl River Cruise)

一个可以看见广州美丽的一面。 很长的一段邮轮旅程。

Beautiful night scene with Pearl River Cruise. Enjoy the long river cruise with neon lights along the river.

 再见, 广州!  That all for Guang Zhou!

Next visit will be going there for shopping and searching for technology goods!


  1. Have fun on your upcoming traveling trip.....

  2. go guanzhou makan mcd ah? LOL... i would do that too just for curiosity sake

  3. the view is so pretty. Nice and relaxing