Sunday, August 23, 2015

KK Cafe : Bake Code Bakery and Cafe 【沙巴吃】 烤面包与咖啡香

每天都出炉新鲜面包! 我他们 有九十种口味让我们选择! 超棒呃!

There's always a good combination of coffee and cakes or coffee and breads. :)

A bakery where they baked daily and there's nearly 90 types of breads for us to choose!

- 面包类 Breads for Us! -

面包好像有点大哦~ 味道是很香。 

Breads are here for us to try! The fragrance of breads just lovely. :)

- 多种口味 Various Breads -

光看这我觉得很健康。 果子类的口味也有可以在此找到!

Even the breads with berries and fiber are available there. I'm feeling healthy in a sense when I see them.

- Breads by Bake Code -


Smiley Bread, Sailors Bread, Earl Grey Bread & Garlic Bread!

种类多, 味道与配料也多。 吃的也开心。我们蛮喜欢起司口味。

Incredibly huge and lots of fillings. Generous in ingredients that we might want to try all of them. Love the smell of Garlic Bread and all of us agree the good taste of the cranberry cheese ball bread with bits of mochi texture with generous cream cheese fillings!

- It's Coffee Time -


A good companion for that weekend. COFFEE!

- Danish Cheese Bread -

好吸引哦! 起司面包!

The colours and creamy shiny topping just attracts us a lot.

- The Fillings -


 - Bake Code Bakery & Cafe -

- Lots of Cheese! -


Cranberry Cheese Ball.

- 面包 The Breads -

- Bake Code Bakery & Cafe -


A cafe and dessert shop for breads, coffee and desserts!

Facebook : Bake Code Bakery & Cafe
URL : Bake Code Bakery & Cafe

Location :
City Mall - Take away Only
Lintas Square - Sharing the same unit with Zenq!

Business Hours:
Lintas ZenQ - 11.00 am to 11.00 pm
City Mall - 10.00 am to 10.00 pm

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