Sunday, August 2, 2015

【沙巴酒店】 亚庇 : 焕然一新的亚庇艾美酒店 Hotel in Sabah : Kota Kinabalu - Blend of Modern and Traditional - Le Meridien #lemeridienkk

 全面装修的 Le Meridien 酒店真的焕然一新, 不再像早期的“复古风”了!第一眼就着迷了,自己自然的想到出看看新的脸孔。


The newly renovated Le Meridien in Kota Kinabalu was amazingly caught our attention. Blending in the inspiration from the surrounding and local tradition is a thumbs up. :) I always love the colours and tradition of Sabah.

 The following are the pictures I took during the hotel tour and buffet dinner invitation. Do enjoy. :)

- Latitude 05 -

- 酒店之招牌 The New signboard (left) and The Old one (right) -

- 大厅的天花板 The ceiling at the Lobby -

来自大海的印象 。

Inspired by the Ocean. Those are imaginary fishes.

- 享受美酒 The Lounge -


Lounge for guests to chit chat and rest.

- 酒店大力推荐的糕点 Eclair -

- "Latest Recipe" -


Where we had our buffet dinner and ala cart menu.

- 自助餐 Buffet @ "Latest Recipe" -

- 道地美食 Tuhau -

Le Meridien 的自助餐也包挂了本地土著的口味。这是 Tuhau

Due to the well respond on local delicacies, the hotel have "Tampatan Corner" whereby we can have local native delicacies during our buffet. The few famous one will be Tuhau, Ambuyat, Hinava et cetera...

-烤羊 Roasted Lamb -

 - 甜品 Desserts -

 - 甜品 Desserts -

- 印度烤饼 Indian Corner - Naan -

- Indian Corner -

- 第一次的 Ambuyat 经验 The First Experience -

有点怪怪的感觉,可是味道不错哦!Officially the first I had. 

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