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【网购记】 Al Thea 韩国 Online Shopping with Al Thea Korea

当购物狂找到了可以信赖的网络购物网站, 一切经验就是美好的! 几个星期前我在一个韩国网站定购了韩国产品, 还是以超值的价格购买的! 所有产品是从韩国出货!

Shopping online is good when we shop with the correct online seller. So, I was browsing through Facebook and saw my friends bought beauty products from a Korean online website. I did take a look and bought a few worthy priced goodies! More over, direct shipping from Korea!

- Al Thea Korea -

十天至十五天, 他们的产品就到手了! 我的货还比预期的早到呢。以下是我所订购的产品, 有些在本地可以购买到的。 贪方便, 我还是选择网络购买。

As estimated time frame, 10 to 15 days the box will arrive and as promise, it arrived earlier! The following are the beauty products I purchased and Cloud 9 was a brand that I never seen before.

- Box full of Magic -

- Cloud 9 -

他们说一白遮三丑, 我相信这个道理。 我本人的皮肤是偏白的, 所以要格外照顾。 使用Cloud 9, 我没有对这产品感到敏感。 不错!

For whitening purpose. Did you know that I love being fair, although sometimes I do get dark a little, especially going to the island which Sabah famous for!

- innisfree -

Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask.

- innisfree -

化妆前该使用的产品, 也使妆更耐久。

Blur Primer. Primer applied before make up and it allows the make up pops!

- Skin Food -

Black Sugar Mask (Wash Off). 脸上的死皮是令人讨厌的, 这产品不会很贵, 还以自然的原料配制而成。

The product I love the most, I once have one back in the college period. Clearing the dead skin and smell so good! It works like a scrub thou.

Here's a short video of un-boxing the products! Pink box and those products was wrapped with bubbles plastic before this. :)

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  1. Tell me if the Korean product you bought good ya..I might consider to buy in the future :)