Thursday, July 30, 2015

【沙巴博客聚会】 见见面吧! KK Bloggers Gathering - We Snap & Indulge! Bloggers & Instagramers Meet Up!

嘻嘻 :D 如果你有跟随着我的 Instagram (@meitzeu), 你可知道上星期六我参加了部落客与Instagram 用户者在本地的一所著名食品杂货商店聚会。感谢举办单位的邀请。

Hey! If you noticed my Instagram and Facebook Page (Meitzeu's Blog) last Saturday, we have been invited for a Bloggers and Instagramers Meet Up hosted by Pick n Pay, Bundusan Pavilion. It was fun seeing all of the familiar faces and new friends. :) And thanks to Pick N Pay for hosting us. :)

- 大合照 Group Photo -

我们与Mr. John, Pick N Pay 的幕后人.

 All of Us with the Man Behind Pick N Pay.

- 新鲜水果汁/酸奶 Fresh Fruit Juice and Yogurt Drinks -

Pick N Pay 可真会考虑我们客人的喜好, 很多人喜爱的壽司(日本餐), 面包类, 意粉类等等, 都有在售卖。他们一瓶一瓶的果汁里头味道好浓郁, 喝了感觉有点饱。

Pick N Pay do consider about the convenience of us as consumer, express food like pasta, breads, coffees and the old time favourite - Sushi! Bento! (The Japanese food). We can just walk in any Pick N Pay outlet in town and fill up our tummy with food and fresh fruit juices.

- 新鲜水果 Fresh Fruits -

- 意粉类 Pasta -
八个钟的熬制而成的鸡精味,导致他们家的意粉类的味道有水准。 可以值得一试。

With years of experience, the hired chef prepared the chicken stock with eight (8) hours of boiling. The Cabonara Chicken Spaghetti was good. They are serving three types of pasta, Beef Bolognaise, Salmon Spaghetti and non the less white sauce (Cabonara) Chicken Spaghetti.

- 绿茶蛋糕 Green Tea Cake -

- 绿茶蛋糕 Green Tea Cake -

- 三文鱼 Salmon Fish -

吃三文鱼,我很专业。 但把整条鱼切片我还是第一次亲眼看到。 每个星期六在路阳及 Bundusan Pavilion 的 Pick N Pay 会有切三文鱼表演。 去吧去吧!

On every Saturday, there will be a Salmon cutting session at Pick N Pay Groceries Store, Luyang and Bundusan Pavilion Branch. Do check it out and experience how Salmon being sliced.

- 部落客与 Instagram 用户者 Part of the Bloggers and Instagramers -

- 新鲜三文鱼 Fresh Salmon -

他们家的三文鱼是进口的, 来至 Norway.

Their Salmon was imported from Norway.

- 大合照 Group Photo - 

(上) 左至右 Top Left to Right :
Beverly (Take Another Step), Devyne (Insta), Valerie (Insta), Clara, Joanne (Sabaheats), That's Me, Charlotte, Margaret (Voice Within Me), Mr. John (Owner of Pick N Pay),

(下) 左至右 Bottom Left to Right :
Frankie (Foodiot KK), Ken (Insta), Sam (Insta) and Alex (SabahiWalker)

不错的小小聚会, 下次再见吧。 :)

An interesting experience with bloggers and instagramers, certainly learn some photography skills with them! Till then!

面子书 / Facebook : Pick N Pay Malaysia 


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